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Higher Test Without Juice? Possible?


I'm new here and this is my first post. I have loads of questions. I've been training for 2 years and im 25 years old. In a couple years I think I'm probably gonna take anabolics. so im doing research now.

Question #1
Is it possible to increase testosterone dramatically using things like tribulus and ZMA and other natural type products?

Question #2
are estrogen blockers like 6-oxo a waste of money?

Question #3
I read that D-Bol alone is no good cuz the half life is like 3 hours, but i dont want to inject myself cuz i dont want any abcesses, plus i hate needles. What is the best oral? and can i only take an oral?

Question #4
Where online do u buy your shit? I did reseach and found out that British Dragon shit is supposed to be the best or whatever. what sites do yall use? I know all u dudes are paranoid about the cops finding out or reading this shit or whatever but like NWA said, F**K the Police.

Question #5
are there any canadians that can help me? cuz i hear my country is the hardest place on earth to buy anabolics.

Question #6
Is Andro still around anywhere in the world and can it be purchased anywhere? I heard it was awesome, but prohormones got banned before i started getting into training.

I asked these questions to the idiots on elitefitness, and all they did was make fun of me. Im trying to learn and this is serious. I hope you guys can help me.


They probably made fun of you because alot of vets get pissed off when they see someone like you who hasnt been training for long..already asking about juice. But i did it too...and im sure everyone who started out thought about juice from the way beginning...until they realized they could get big without it(atleast for like 10 years). Maybe some never even considered steroids...but i know a good majority probably thought about them even in the first year of training. Its human nature...why wouldnt you think about it...they make you big.

But still...as shitty as it was for me to hear...its gonna be shitty for you to hear this too. YOU ARENT READY FOR STEROIDS. All you have to do is eat all day and lift weights...and you will definately gain muscle. The only supps you need is whey protein and maybe some Biotest stuff.


ZMA, from my understanding, does not actually increase testosterone levels. It keeps your test levels healthy by giving a constant flow of zinc and magnesium, two minerals which seem to be low in those who train hard. The only way it would really increase your testosterone by a large margin would be if you were defecient in zinc and/or magnesium.

What are your goals? Just lifting for size or what? Also, how big are you and maybe include some numbers. I don't know much about steroids, but I do know that size and strength gains can be made naturally.


my numbers,
6'2" 223.5lbs
im around 15-10% bf
my goal is to just be healthy and have an impressive physique. stepping on stage one day would be awesome, but i dont know if i could compete against dudes that do synthol or whatever.


Your best bet.
FOOD very anabolic EAT fats, carbs and protein

SLEEP get a ton you produce most of your hormones during rest.

Training. GO LIFT some HEAVY weight.

Then supps. Including like said above ZMA, Alpha Male, a good multi, efas. AFTER you nail the above


'Dudes that do synthol or whatever' is the least of your concerns.


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ZMA does increase Testosterone if you are deficient in Zinc/Magnesium. Red meat are also a good source fo them.

Tribulus has not been shown to increase Testosterone.

"The aim of the current study is to investigate the influence of Tribulus terrestris extract on androgen metabolism in young males. DESIGN AND METHODS: Twenty-one healthy young 20-36 years old men with body weight ranging from 60 to 125 kg were randomly separated into three groups-two experimental (each n=7) and a control (placebo) one (n=7). The experimental groups were named TT1 and TT2 and the subjects were assigned to consume 20 and 10 mg/kg body weight per day of Tribulus terrestris extract, respectively, separated into three daily intakes for 4 weeks. Testosterone, androstenedione and luteinizing hormone levels in the serum were measured 24 h before supplementation (clear probe), and at 24, 72, 240, 408 and 576 h from the beginning of the supplementation. RESULTS: There was no significant difference between Tribulus terrestris supplemented groups and controls in the serum testosterone (TT1 (mean+/-S.D.: 15.75+/-1.75 nmol/l); TT2 (mean+/-S.D.: 16.32+/-1.57 nmol/l); controls (mean+/-S.D.: 17.74+/-1.09 nmol/l) (p>0.05)), androstenedione (TT1 (mean+/-S.D.: 1.927+/-0.126 ng/ml); TT2 (mean+/-S.D.: 2.026+/-0.256 ng/ml); controls (mean+/-S.D.: 1.952+/-0.236 ng/ml) (p>0.05)) or luteinizing hormone (TT1 (mean+/-S.D.: 4.662+/-0.274U/l); TT2 (mean+/-S.D.: 4.103+/-0.869U/l); controls (mean+/-S.D.: 4.170+/-0.406U/l) (p>0.05)) levels. All results were within the normal range. The findings in the current study anticipate that Tribulus terrestris steroid saponins possess neither direct nor indirect androgen-increasing properties. The study will be extended in the clarifying the probable mode of action of Tribulus terrestris steroid saponins."




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'specially #10 those are brave words