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Higher Reps with 531


Jim –

I know you get a lot of questions like “I did a bunch of reps on my 95% day so should I reset my max?” and that drives you up a wall.

My question is kind of the opposite. Pushing 50, after over a decade of powerlifting, 30+ years of lifting, and a ton of bad decisions, my body needs to stay away from lower reps. I very much want to keep my 95% day in the 10 rep range (or if I’m going to do a 5x531, I want to use a weight I could do for at least 10 clean reps). But, I still love the progress that a 531 set-up gives me, and I do want to continue to get stronger – just in a higher rep range.

In the Wendler Classic you said you use a very low TM. Other than using an 80% or lower TM, which does seem to put me in the rep range I want, do you have any insights or advice for someone who wants to keep his reps higher/weights lower?

Thanks, Dave


Kaczmarski’s 8/6/3


I’ve been doing this it should be fine. After training for many years progress comes slow so you always have a good idea of how many reps you can do with a given weight. Just plan your cycles a few in advance so whenever the hardest days look like its within the rep range your looking for on that weight. What I do is plan ahead and say something like, if I want to hit this weight for 8-10 reps on cycle 3, I need to start cycle 1 with X training max. With the new 5/3/1 forever the only issue with this might be some of the programs have lower intensity weeks so if your TM is low for the hard stuff, it might be to low for the easier stuff. But if your experienced this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, use your best judgement on modifications and stick to the principles.

Also there might be a few templates in the new book that tend to go on higher reps. I think one was exactly sets of 10 for the top sets (not BBB either).


Five and Dime?


Thanks for the input guys. Although I have barely put the book down, for some reason I haven’t really looked at Five & Dime. Maybe I’ll give it a run.