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Higher Rep Training


CT, I have been using you layer method for a while now and was wondering if someone prefers

1)Not use pins
2)Work in the higher rep range

What would you recommend as a layer set-up? Can it be done? Should it be done? I now train at home so, seeing as I only have a trap bar, olympic bar, squat rack and weights the layer system is ideal.

What I have tried so far is:

Front squat:
1)Squat jumps 5 sets
2)Ramp to 4-6 RM
3)Density Layers 75-85%

Trap Bar DL:
1)Trap bar jumps 5 sets
2)Ramp to 4-6 RM
3)Density Layers 75-85%
4)Trap Bar loaded carries 5 sets

Would you change/add anything, is there a preferred density layer scheme, or do you not like using "higher rep" work with the layer system?


starting reps from pins is only one type of layer system. its actually designed that way to help you perform more efficiently on clusters (having to un-rack/rack the weight between reps wastes energy!).

you can certainly change to full lifts, especially with the layer set up you have outlined.

problem is, ramping to your 4-6max is about 80-85% of your max. when you do as low as 75% of that for density, the load will be really low, and your density work will turn into GVT workouts! as such, you can’t expect much strength or power from the system.

have you looked at the 10 day cycle? - towards the end of the cycle you do some work around your 6rm that you might like.

also, i personally wouldnt put sprints at the end of a workout, if your goal is to get faster, but thats my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:


i did the layer system a few month and his superheros training, it was really good and hard training. Now he told me to try this : main lift: 3x6 then 3x3 then 3x10…this is high rep its been a long time i didnt do that and my body is destroyed !!! i really like that and its simple

well u can try this if u want.

at the end im doing 50 dips or chin up fast as i can