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Higher Injection Frequency Affect Protocol Time Change?

Basically, as my title says, do guys that are on an EOD protocol feel the effects of a protocol change faster(in terms of weeks) than someone who doses twice a week or something similar?

My guess would be it depends on a lot of different factors. The absolute and relative dose change, for starters and individual response and sensitivity to change.

Everyone is different, kinda just have to do it and see what happens.

Are you just curious or troubleshooting a problem.

Just curious, I’m currently going through a protocol change but am not trying to troubleshoot something. Wondering if the half-life wizardry is affected in anyway due to dosage timings.

Don’t think it is, the half life is the half life, so on test cyp you kinda stuck with the 6 weeks thing for 5 half lives. That said it’s not like your levels will be random. I personally think it’ll smooth out sooner on ED, since your change for a given dose is smaller.

You could play around with it a bit on steroidplottercom and getting a basic idea of how it’ll play out.

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I did eod and in my opinion, i would stick to dosing once or twice a week…and perhaps 2x per week at most.
The problem is the half life is quite long with cyp and when you dose too frequently, even with small doses 15 to 20ml, it builds up and up and up and i think this build up does more harm than good in terms of side effects. Dosing with bigger doses but waiting longer between doses allows the drug to be eliminated more naturally and i think this would allow for an easier time in terms of managing side effects.

Also, i have read from many, that the peaks and dips etc is actually better as that mimics a natural human males test pattern. No male has totally steady straight levels naturally which is what a lot of guys try to accomplish. Also, having those peaks and dips feels better as well from what ive read.

If i could do it all over again, id dose 2x a week or once every 1 to 2 weeks.

And finally… The eod protocol did seem great at first for me…but it didnt last.