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Higher Frequency WSB Training?


I'm sure most of us on this forum would agree that higher frequency of training each muscle group is preferable. Thus, I was thinking of trying the following template:

DE lower work
Lower back/ham exercise
Lat exercise
External rotations
rear delt exercise

DE Upper work
Bench exercise
Lateral raise exercise

ME Lower work
Lower back/ham exercise
Bench exercise
Lat exercise

ME Upper work
Bench exercise
Quad exercise ? (single leg, leg press, etc or if back can handle squat-type stuff)
Lat exercise

Basically, allows for hitting each muscle group 3x a week instead of the standard 2. What you guys think?


looks ok to me but you may be trying to reinvent the wheel here - run a search for Joe Kenn's tier system - he has modified the westside approach for athletes and come up with a 3 or 4 day total body approach. As per the westside methods it can be easily tweaked to fit a plethora of goals.


thanks for the input man, I
ll look him up. I guess I'm just wondering why this approach isn't more common and isn't really mentioned? I guess I'll give it a shot and see for myself :slight_smile:


If i were going to do it, which i probably wouldn't, i would probably do it this way.

ME bench
DE squat
1 exercise for upper back
1 exercise for low back/hamstrings
1 exercise for abs

Tuesday- off

ME squat
DE bench
1 exercsie for upper back
1 exercise for lowback/hamstrings
1 exercise for abs

Thursday- off

Rep work for bench
Rep work for squat(probably ATG squats)
1 exercise for upper back
1 exercise for lower back/hamstrings
1 exercise for abs

Sat- off
Sunday- off

This way you have one day thats not to CNS intensive, and if you'd like you could add in an accessory day for back/biceps and other muscles on one of the off days.
I know this looks like low volume but doing full-body like this its going to be more taxing, i think so anway.


why do you think it is more taxing?


Not sure if you are the same person who posted this at elitefts, if not, then it seems like they answered your question: http://asp.elitefts.com/qa/default.asp?qid=38093&tid=3