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Higher Frequency Upper Body Training While Recovering


For the past 18 months or so, I have been following 5/3/1, with good results.

Unfortunately, while doing some heavy push presses something popped in my knee that turned out to be a torn meniscus after an MRI.

I go in for surgery to repair my meniscus next Wednesday.

While I have enjoyed 5/3/1 and will continue it when my knee is healthy again, it is definately not suited for the period when I will be rehabilating my knee.

2 of the 4 days in the program are centered on the deadlift or squat, which are obviously out for now.

I am now considering creating a more body part specific split where I will hit the specific upper body area each training day, followed by some physical therapy stuff for my knee and time on the statiionary bike.

Is there a thread or article that has already covered how to train when leg training has to take a back seat? The search function did not help.

If not, is there any advantage to increasing frequency of upper body training while legs are out, or should a normal split be followed, just replacing "Leg Day" or in my case "Squat and Deadlift Day" with a rest day.

I will most likely be hitting the bike daily at the gym, so I figured that if I am in the Gym, I might as well lift too. I don't want to do so, if it will be counterproductive or have no benefit.