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Higher Frequency Pressing Layer?


CT, I believe originally you had layer pressing workouts 3 times a week but felt it was a bit too much and cut it back to only twice a week.
Being that I'm not that strong on any type of pressing and therefore I'm assuming it wouldn't tax my CNS as much as other stronger individuals would you think it would be possible for someone like me to make better gains with pressing 3 times a week or something like every third day?

The reason I ask is because I seem to respond better to more frequent lower volume intense workouts as long as I don't grind, go to failure or chase fatigue(some of the best advice I ever acquired from you).
My goal is size but I can never get bigger unless I get stronger, plus my pressing numbers aren't real good.
Is there a layer approach you can recommend and a higher frequency that you can recommend where I wouldn't over do it?


not CT, but have you attempted 2 presses a week? did you progress week to week? if yes, then i'd probably stick with it, IMO.

-if you're hell bent on pressing more, maybe you could add a third press day, BUT make sure it isnt taxing on your CNS; take a speed/technique layering approach -maybe push presses or something.

alternatively you could potentially do some accessory pressing after one of your other workouts... not sure what CT would say about it though.


I was doing 3 a week and progressing surprisingly well then stalled. Went to 2 a week and didn't get stronger, sometimes a little weaker. It intuitively felt like I needed to hit it a bit more(maybe not 3 x's a week but maybe every 3rd day or so etc) as long as I didn't fry my CNS like you said, and as long as I didn't do any accessory movements or grind or go to failure. Once I induce too much metabolic fatigue I burn out and don't recover.
But like you suggested maybe something along the lines of a speed day etc for a 3rd day. That's what I was looking to CT for. Maybe he can recommend a layer scheme conducive to more frequent workouts. Thanks for your suggestions.


when you stalled, the first thing you should have done is cut back on the HDL work and focus on increasing your strength/explosiveness -i know CT would say the same- also, ever thought that the reason you stalled was due to pressing too frequently?

if you still want to try adding a third day, look up CT's layer system for fat loss... it features a 'lighter' speed orientated layer workout which you could use as your third press day.


Actually you might be right. I'll try the 3 a week with the speed day and if that doesn't work I'll cut back to pressing every 5th day or so. That was always a good recovery time frame for me back in the old days lol. Thanks.


glad to help :slight_smile:

i know how hard it is when you're told to do LESS in the gym if you want to continue your gains! i could never get my head around it.. until i let the results speak for themselves!