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Higher Frequency, Low Volume


Not sure if this could be a bodybuilding or powerlifting question or maybe it could apply to both. I've seen a few places where people who seem to know what they are doing have split workouts out so per body part its low volume but make up for it with higher frequency.

One example was CT's 3 lifts a day which may not be practical for everyone to make it to the gym 3 times a day. Another is splitting it over 2 days, the idea is moving the 2nd half of your workout when your more fatigued to the next day when your fresh, able to do more weight/reps/etc. Has anyone done that with success or currently doing it?


Sounds like the general reasoning behind a body part split. As you get stronger it is harder to pack a good workout for a bunch of body parts into the same time frame, so you move from upper/lower to push/pull/legs, then to 4 or 5 day splits. With these style workouts you can make it to the gym most/all days of the week and still feel pretty fresh.


thats exactly how i train. I work each bodypart 2x per week. seems to work.


Big Beyond Belief is arranged like this, there are a few logs here and elsewhere where people have progressed using it. I enjoyed using it for the time I was on it.

There is a thread on TCA on body part twice weekly. Many of the stronger, better physique posters here train body parts twice a week so it's quite effective (of course they eat right also).


This is kinda like my training.

Split is


Bascially 12 sets per bodypart. Weights are only done to failure every couple of workouts. I try to PR each time I train.

I like it, works wonders for strength. Get a good pump, lift heavy, grow, be done.


I've always done low volume higher frequency. Most of my workouts today are split up a lot, but done frequently. Upper body roughly 2x/week. Lower body 1x/week.

I LOVE fewer exercises per workout (typically 2-4 exercises depending on the day). I like to alternate big effort days (e.g. big compound lifts), with the smaller effort days (e.g. arms/delts) ...balances out fatigue really well.


Would you mind explaining in detail how you setup your program?

I recently started training legs and biceps twice a week but not sure how to fit everyhting in twice.


Legs - used to do conditioning work this day (sprints or weighted burpees)
Biceps - light day - obviously. replaced what used to be a rest day


Credited. I'm on ramp two right now of BBB, and I've definitely been happy with my gains, particularly on squat.

Also a good way to force yourself to start doing sets of 15 on squats :P.