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Higher Fat Diet



Lately I've increased my fat intake primarily through olive oil and eggs. After having done this, I noticed that I had more erections throughout the day, felt more sexually aggressive, and had better workouts.

Anyone else see/feel similar effects? For the record, my increase has been from 75-125g of fat/day depending on the day.



Great! Anough fat is necessary for proper production of testosterone and other hormones. I've never had a lowfat diet and have always felt great. But your experience is not uncommon.


Diets higher in fat = higher levels of Testosterone



How old are you?

What are your stats?


Ok woops I have a type there concerning the amount of fat I consumed.

Before increasing my fat intake, I took in 75-125g of fat.

Now I'll take in around 75-125g more, so between 150 and 250g a day. Just wanted to clear that up.

Thanks for the replies.



20 years, 5 foot 6 inches, 180 lbs
As far as bodyfat percentage, I have not checked it or anything but I'll try to as soon as I can.



Could also be the eggs with the added cholestorol. The basic building block of hormones including T.

Side note I added an extra 300 k/cals a day in the form of good fats on top of what I was taking before. The oincrease being mainly from Sunflower seeds and walnuts. Well I have actually leaned out a bit while upping the intake.

Fats as well as other macros in the right amount and timing are AMAZING things.


Thank you for the reply Phill. I'll look into incorporating walnuts and see what happens from there.



i take xtra virgin olvie oil twice a day 3.5 tablespoon each time. i was wondering if that amt is too much in 1 sitting? will it cause huge increases in blood lipid levels n bring about problems? thx.


I'll bump this up for you as I too am interested in the answer to your question.



I take in about 5-5 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil In One of My shakes once per day. With Olive Oil being the type of fat that it is Mainly Mono 10g per serving and a little of the Poly 2g and Sat2g.I didnt think it would do any harm but if anyone has any info that states otherwise please post.

But As far as lipid profiles and all of that ...I wouldnt know a lipid if it smaked me on the head,but I do understand as far as reading this post and the one on Superdrol that lipid profiles should stay in balance. Heres to learning yet something else :).


Welcome to T-Nation. everyone here that knows anything is on a fat kick, we all for the most part gobble down eggs and red meat like caveman.

My cholesterol? Always either slightly low or normal, and I eat eggs EVERY day, at least 3 sometimes 6 or more. LDL? Low. HDL? High. Blood pressure? 110/65. Its how we're designed to eat, and don't let anyone else tell you any different.