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Higher Education Bubble About to Burst



About time. Higher Education in America is a complete joke. The whole point of college is supposed to be to educate people so they can think for themselves and become true entrepeneurs. Sharing knowledge with one another is supposed to improve the lot of everything the world over.

Instead higher education has turned into the College Industrial Complex. Pumping out worthless degree after worthless degree. Each one costing more than the next.


Same topic different issue. In the UK the governments social engineering department arbitrarily wants 50% of people to attend university. To accommodate this we have had bucketsfull of worthless universities created to reach this ludicrous target, these universities in turn churn out half baked graduates who are barely literate but have a 3rd class in media studies. Taxpayers are of course paying for this farce as students in the UK only pay a nominal contribution to their fees, all this money being pumped in and the drop out rate remains around 22% higher than ever before the government initiative. It gives me the shits.
Another thing, getting a plumber, joiner, painter or tradesman of any kind was near impossible until the Polish workforce arrived.


Well the author of the article has an opinion, but did not use any type of data to support his claim that the "bubble" will burst. See that, I just used my critical thinking skills to express my skepticism about this article.

I actually heard that college applications are actually up...which makes tons of sense if you can think about it.



Sure, but you were so impressed with yourself that you missed the redundant use of the word "actually".


The use of the word "actually" twice in that same sentence is bad style, but it is not redundant. The first "actually" applies to "heard", while the second "actually" applies to "up". One could pretend to have heard that college applications are actually up. Or, one could have actually heard that there are false claims that college applications are up. Or, one could have actually heard that college applications are actually up. The preceding three sentences demonstrate "actually" applying to one or the other or both of "heard" or "up", with entirely different results for the overall meaning.