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Higher Body Temp On T-Dawg?

I know body temp has been discussed, but I can’t find a answer. So here it goes.

I just started the T-Dawg 2.0 yesterday. I had been on it a few months ago but was not serious(this time is different). Anyway, my question is, why is my body temp up and why won’t I quit sweating? I woke up last night with my pillow soaked.

I’m consuming about 1500 calories and at this point I am pretty fat. 225 and around 20% bodyfat. From what I have been reading your body temp should be lower on a low cal diet correct?

The sweating and being hot does not bother me. I am more worried if I am hurting myself.

Thanks in advance for any help…

If you have cleaned up your diet alot and are consuming more calories you could just be noticing an increase in metabolic rate( this is a good thing b/c it would mean you are burning more calories as you sit their and type that post :slight_smile: )

Yes. The T-Dawg diet contains whole foods which require more processing. One of the by products of your body digesting fiber-rich foods and whole proteins is heat.

To put it succinctly…one of the reasons for eating more meals neglecting hormonal respones and a myriad of other factors is this…(this is a simple personal trainer explanation):
Every time you eat your body temperature rises. If I remember correctly it doesn’t depend on the quantity of the food, just the fact that you ate. A higher body temperaturre then helps to catalyze (not the chemically correct term…I’m not sure if heat is a catalyst…it just speeds up reaction times b/c it causes the molecules to collide more) a chain reaction in the body leading to an increase in chemical reactions and ultimately a higher metabolic rate which then rises your body temperature even more. It’s one of the few positive-feedback mechanisms in the body…Luckily there’s also a negative feedback loop to taper it off otherwise we’d be dead with fried organs.

Then I will take all this sweat as a good thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

I’ll post some before pics as soon I get my hands on a digital cam.