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High White Suicide Rate


Hamilton County,Ohio-Cincinnati Enquirer-... Hamilton County Coroner,Dr.Odell Owens reports so far this year there have been 94 suicides they are all in the suburbs,none in poor black neiborhoods. Of the 94 suicides only 4 were black.

He calls it his "Theory of Tomorrow": Poor people in violent neighborhoods struggle to see tomorrow,while white suicides desperately try to avoid tomorrow's disintegrating marriage,financial ruin,fatal disease, or crushing depression. This is in a community dominated by conservative republicans???


Oh, so now whites are more likely to kill themselves than blacks, eh? You sir, are clearly a racist!
/lib off


In my part of terra firma,that seems to be the case according to the statistics.The uppermiddle to wealthy conservative white folks are doing themselves in when they come to the realazation life is'nt a bed of roses like thought.


Actually I think thats a trend nationwide and throughout most of Western civiilization. The reasons behind it are varied and no concensus could probably be reached.

My own theories:

In African-American communities people have larger extended families consisting of not only blood relations, but distant cousins, neighbors, etc. This leads to a larger support network for a person and consequently more chances for a person to talk about or vent in some way the feelings, emotions, that are causing the suicidal thoughts.

Also I've been told that in the African American community, suicide is viewed more as a form of weakness and would bring "shame" o the surviving family members.

And remember what country has the highest rates of suicide. Sweden.


Black people don't kill themselves when they have problems. They kill the motherfucker causing the problems.


I think you make some great points. There is also a huge lack of any sense of communtiy in white suburbia. I'm obviously making generalizations here but back in the day people used to be much more involved in community activites (whatever they may be). It seems to me, as someone looking in from the outside, that the black and hispanic communities are much stronger in this regard.


These are broad sweeping genralizations, not just based on race:

If you have to fight to survive, you have no concern as to whether life is worth living or not. Survival is enough for the time being.


White people are spoiled over our sucess. What is so hard to figure out?



Or maybe they've all been fed tons of bullshit thier whole life about how they should feel ashamed of their skin color because it makes them liable for all the poverty and destruction in the world and some of them just can't handle the pressure.

Then again, maybe suicide just tickles.


So would black people, who are rich, also be killing themselves because they are spoiled? If not, you my friend are a racist!


I think that you are throwing around the word " racist " far too freely. Did you know that the latin word for moron is " nimrod" and if you are just being sarcastic then i apologize

I would think that any group of people that have had it easy, when things get hard they choke. White people have been putting blacks down since they came here, so blacks are just getting their accomplishments started especially since
we have just ended the jim crow laws. Just ask Professor X to give you the list of things that black people have done, he has a list of accomplishments somewhere, its amazing to look at what they have done despite the effects institutional racism.


I don't feel guilty for anything and im white. Anybody that makes you want to feel guilty over something you have no control over is feeding you a line of junk. But its important for us to do the right thing now and in the futre.


I was just messing with ya! But I'm glad to see that you realize that all groups (races) are the same and will end up being the same under the same circumstances.