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High Weight on Glute Bridges


I tried glute bridges the other day for the first time (wanted to do hip thrusts but couldn't because there aren't any benches in my gym that won't slide away when I try.) I noticed in the first article the author said it took him a year to hit about 405x5 (in hip thrusts) so I wasn't sure what weight to expect to get to. Anyway, the point is I worked up to a set of 405x10 and probably still could have gone higher.

Basically I was wondering if Glute bridges are just THAT much easier than hip thrusts or if I'm doing them wrong or just have glutes that realized their potential without extra training.

This is because I know this isn't hugely strong but at 6'1 and 80ish kilograms I don't expect to be much strong than other people just yet. Anyway I'm kind of drunk while posting this so hmm, any similar experiences? I work in Kg's but yeah it was 4 plates per side and felt easy enough for 10 reps, didn't know if it should though (my girlfriend weighs only a bit more than a third of that...)


EDIT: Reread the article, answered my own question.


lol @ a useless exercise.


Thanks heaps, you're a lifesaver.


Maybe you're a beast.


I personally was kind of surprised that those were some of the exercises the article included, considering that the author claimed to have all these unheard of things in his bag of tricks. I was reading the article thinking "we did this in high school track." Then again, as I read the countless times he validated himself by reminding us he's "the glute guy" I began to wonder about him at all.


yes, taking advice from the glute guy AKA the ass man


this thread is full of confusion


You will never see me in a gym doing glute bridges, or hip thrusts.


You could be a beast, or you may not be doing quite right. Im not sure if it is necessary or even correct, but a 1 second isometric "squeeze" at the top of each rep, and not touching the ground at the bottom of each rep would make the exercise much harder. Otherwise you can get a lot of acceleration going.

Only the assman can answer though. Try asking in the article thread, he might still be around.


Why is it useless?


Why the fuck are people posting drunk?


why dont you just deadlift, or if that isn't as kewl, try zercher squats.


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dankid, thanks for a real answer, I'll look into real form.
Iron Dwarf, sorry but I'd been meaning to post for days and the only time I was able to get online was after getting home from a night out... I just realised I might not be making full sense.
xb-C, I do deadlift and love them, but was trying these supposed glute specializing exercises.

Everyone else, what's the problem with doing an exercise that kinda looks like sex? hell I just found out a chick twice my size isn't out of my range (physically at least, emotionally I'm not quite up for that...)


What's great about Brett is he took movements that our grandmothers use while watching a woman named Margaret or Betty on TV every morning at 6 AM and he turned them into legitimate strength and power movements that can be a part of a good training program. His article was the first truly innovative article I have read in a long time. Also, Brett did a first class job participating in the Article Discussions.


If you can do 405 for reps on this particular exercise, how muich more weight and more reps do you think you will need to do in order to get an increase in your glute and hamstring size?

I'd opt for a safer exercise that targets the same muscles like a RDL or SLDL or good mornings even. If you end up loading 500+lbs on the bar and slip one way you'd probably be looking at a serious injury.


That's most of what I was worried about, I was just wondering if I should go the extra mile to figure out a way to do hip thrusts or if I'd have the same problem? I like good mornings and I'll try single leg and romanian deads. Thanks


Drunk fucks...


I was wondering this exact same thing. First day doing them going heavy seemed pretty easy, but I have switched to using 3 sec iso at top with a DB after deadlifts or squats. sore glutes.