High Water Retention on Plazma?

So I just finished my first full week of using Plazma. I’m riding the fence, but one thing that seems to have happened is that I’m retaining a lot of water. I’ve put on around 8 lbs of weight in the last week or so. Diet is unchanged. I started taking Rez-V the same time, but I wouldn’t think the water retention would be associated with that. I posted this in the Biotest forum, but they don’t seem as active as these ones. Has anyone had a similar experience?

I didn’t, but I’ve never used more than a scoop.

I might try cutting back to 1 scoop. When it was just 4 lbs I was figuring that it’s just the extra water I’m drinking, but when a second 4 lbs showed up I don’t think it’s a good sign.

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Unless you weren’t eating a lot of carbs prior, then it might just be muscle glycogen filling up.

I’ve not been restricting carbs in a while. Don’t know if it’s additional glycogen as my volume seems about the same and there’s no appreciable improvement in stamina. It’s only a week in though. I’ll do another week of one scoop a day and see what happens.

8lbs in a week def doesnt come from 2-3 scoops of Plazma. I’d be looking more at sodium and hydration.

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No changes in diet. I’ve been drinking more water, but something has to be causing me to retain it. No appreciable change in sodium intake either.

Yeah cant remember the exact science but cyclic dextrin helps pull in a bit more water to the muscle from the digestive tract. One of many reasons it gives you a great pump.

Unless getting puffy in the face/feeling bloated etc I would see it as a good thing

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And I think 2 scoops a day might just be a bit much for me because that’s how I was starting to feel. I’ll be cutting back to one and give everything some time to level off. I will say that I was surprised that I could consume in excess of 2l in the morning and not feel way bloated so I believe 100% that it is more effective at being absorbed.

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