High vs. Medium Dosage

What’s up guys, I run all of my cycles at pretty low dosages and feel as though combined with proper diet and training regiment it can garner great results. I am able to put on a good amount of weight and maintain it as well. For those of you who use large amounts I assume it is harder to maintain your gains. I am sure that everyone is different so I just wanted to hear some opinions on this issue.

Whats a low dose what kinda juice you using.

Can you elaborate further as to cycle length, total androgens and goals for cycle?

What is medium for me may be high for you or even small for some of the vets.

I have never gone above 500mg a week, and only did that once, also never used more than two compounds at a time

I’m not a vet, neither an expert (however i’m working on it ;)…)

In my 1st cycle I do a classic test enth based one… at 500mg/week. It was nice, great results i was euphoric (?sp). But then i go further.

My 2nd IM cycle was the same lenght (10weeks) but it was test ent (400)+mast(400)+primo(400)… and it was 10times better than the first! I always keep the gain, lose only the “water” weight… but strenght and mass gains was mantained 99%.

Then i tried short cycle (see 3 week experiment thread) i used tbol+test pp+ masteron +npp… ariunf 1gr of gear. It was just incredible, In low cal diet i packed mass and strenght. And after the cycle i lost fat not LBM…

what can i say? it is a matter of choice, nutrition and individuality but i’ll never go under the level of 2nd cycle on medium cycle and i think higher is better on shorty…

Just my 2cents.

wow, well those results sound pretty great, I also like to keep my dosages low because I am a firm believer in moderation as I feel almost anything in moderation is ok. I do have to say I like the sound of the second cycle you posted. How much weight did you gain?

In the second cycle i gain around 8kg LBM, losing fat at the same time. I like it a lot. I use it with GBC training from Poliquin.

I’m a “low-dose” guy since I had found low dosages to be more than effective for me. I fall into the philosophy of “use the lowest dosage to get the effect”.

I have been off of roids now for almost a full year, and will resume again in 2008 but with significantly higher dosages. I have never tried this before and need that data point to truly evaluate where my optimum intake lies. This will be the 1st time I go up to 1000 mg of one, two, or 3 compounds in a cycle. To say I’m a little hesitant is an understatement…I’ve never been so much of a pussy to doing anything like I am going to do this.

One advantage I believe I have experienced with low dosages is the extremely quick “recovery” time upon cessation of steroid use. I believe I am (have) been getting the benefits of roids while significantly reducing any negatives that “might” be attributable to them. With the higher dosage protocol, my goals will be to see just how much “more” I could gain but also how much “more” recovery I might need and what “extra” sides (if any) will result.

buffd_samurai: how low is your “standard” dose?

I have recently switched my vote on this subject. Previously I thought that higher doses were the way to go. I felt that with each larger cycle I ran my results were increased, which is true to an extent. I am now running almost 2 grams total gear a week and honestly I think it is a bit much for myself. I don’t feel good all the time. I think in the future about 1-1.5 grams a week is my sweet spot, I get awesome gains and hardly any sides. My reasoning for higher doses was flawed because naturally the more cycles I do the more advanced my body becomes, now I understand that I can use less gear to make those advances.

yea I am extremely hesitant to try a higher dose, I guess until I stop making any gains I might give it a try but until then I just don’t have much of a reason too, except sheer curiosity

Ive also came to think that the 1200-1500mg/wk is somewhere in the optimal area for me.

ok but 1200/1500 are not low dosage (IMHO)

[quote]cadav wrote:
buffd_samurai: how low is your “standard” dose?[/quote]

Cadav, my personal threshold for “low dose” is anything under 400 mg/week of total steroids taken. Sorry, I should have quantified somethings. I keep thinking folks know this about me (me low dosages)…but who the hell am I and why should they know? : )

Again, to be quite frank, 1000 mg/week scares the shit outta me. But…I gotta do it.

I from experience you can grow from 250mg. You can grow better from 500mg and even better from 750mg. I have never done 1g because I feel that the sides/benefit ratio is too great for my goals at this moment.

However I have used injectables with orals combo (winstrol and anavar not together) and they have been the best as far as strenght gains. For strenght orals are the way to go.

Just wanted to throw that out for the debate on the mg since usually people shy away from orals.

yea i tend to stay away from orals but the two or three times I have used them (dbol and anavar) i did get some great strength gains. I have also grown from about 250mg/week. 500mg was better and I have yet to surpass that but i’m starting to get more and more anxious.