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High vs Low Sodium, What Amount Is Right for Me?


I sweat a LOT, like a ridiculous amount and I have heard that because of this I need more salt+water. When I go high salt, like more than 5000mg and lots of water I notice I feel better and am more vascular but my face also gets really bloated and “fat”. So how can I manage the benefits of the salt without the bloat/retention? How does Pottasium factor in?


5 gr of salt isn’t high, it’s even below the ‘‘recommended’’ 6. Do you mean 5 gr of salt or 5 gr of sodium (Which is about 10 gr of salt)?

I get the salt- bloated face as well unfortunately, some people are more reactive to salt as far as i know.


I meant 5000mg of sodium but sometimes I even get a lot more.