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High vs Low Reps for Leg Training


For packing on mass and strength, which works for you?

from what i've read and heard, there's mixed opinions about this subject and everyone is different and responds differently when it comes to leg training reps. For me, i tried all of them, high reps, low reps and intermediate and i really can't tell the difference far as gains so i change it up every few weeks and i think it's working.

When i think of high reps i consider 12+, intermediate (7-11) and low (1-6). i tried the 20 rep squats and those just wipe me out, so i don't go any higher than 15. And DL's i usually stick to low/medium reps unless it's unilateral stuff like sl rdl's.


Are you after one goal specifically or more preferentially over the other? I notice in general moderate to high reps work well with legs in terms of hypertrophy.


Both! http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/more_reps_bigger_legs

That's a solid plan, for sure.

In general, I've found my lower body to respond better when I mix different set/rep schemes within the same session. Something like 5x4-6 for the first big exercise, followed by a few exercises anywhere in the 2-4x8-12 range. Much higher rep work (15-20+) I keep for separate periods as their own priority, which are few and far between anyway, since they suck.


build more mass, everywhere except the calves since i already have big calves genetically.

I noticed i get little more pump doing higher reps but i don't know enough if that translates into strength/mass. Far as soreness, there's no noticeable difference regardless of reps, i can barely walk the next day or two if that means anything.


i should try this sometime for the big exercises like the back squats. I usually don't mix the reps within the same session, if i'm going heavy i stay in the 1-5 range and if i go light i stay in the 12-15 range. Throw in some "pause sets" in the hole for good measure. For the front squats, i just recently gone heavy after doing them for awhile to get the form down and the whole wrist/bar technique.


Strength=1-8 rep range most of the time.

Size=5-20+ reps.

Obviously, to a point, they carry over to each other.

Simple solution; get a strong 20 rep squat (315+ lbs), and get a strong 1RM max squat. Not that complicated.


This, basically. I'll tell ya what man, I've played around with a lot of rep ranges... 20-rep squats, super high-rep (20+ for pumps,) 5-8, all sorts of stuff.

I've been finding that doing 3 sets on the hack squats is giving my legs the most bang for my buck. My first work set will be at a weight that I'm aiming for for 4-5 reps. My next set will be aiming for 8 reps, and my last will be aiming for 12. That way I'm getting the best of both worlds, and decimating my legs in the process.