High Volume Upper/Lower Programs for Women?

Any recommendations for a high volume hypertrophy program for females? Favorably upper lower …

There’s a “hardbody for women” in the Tnation workouts

I would not mind buying a program (if legit) however even after doing a ton of research I could not find anything besides „bikini programs“. Hypertrophy programs from CT for example are all targeted at men

Yes I saw that one and did quite a lot of research before posting here, but it’s a fat loss program not a higher volume Hypertrophy program… it includes Metcon types of workouts mainly …I‘m really looking for one that focuses on muscle building rather than conditioning …but thank you

Why not just find a high volume workout for men and use that?

As mentioned in the article as well women respond better to a slightly different approach than men, additional as far as I could tell exercises differ as well as focus on body parts…most hyp plans focus a lot on chest, traps, calves while females (at least me) tend to focus on shoulders, legs, glutes, abs and respond better to higher reps/sets and volume…however I need a proper programming for that as I’m far from
An expert on programming :wink:

The only program I could find on tnation was this one and believe me as a female you do not build muscles with these kind of bodyweight exercises …Never ever :sweat_smile:

Sexy Female Training

That article also lays out a sample program. Why would you not use it? Why do you need high volume and, actually, what does “high volume” mean in practical terms?

This article also has a straight-forward upper/lower program to follow: 3 Steps to Getting Your Girl to Train

I completely disagree and, more importantly, Chad Waterbury, the neurophysiolgist and strength coach who wrote the program disagrees. But, your call.

Higher volume simply means higher sets/reps/overall workload/frequency as laid out in this article as well (and you find this on CTs site as well)

And if you read the article Waterbury’s plan is not intended to be a Hypertrophy plan! He clearly states that: „But for whatever reason, women who train to slim down are often training the same way that guys train to bulk up…these females aren’t looking for big quads…“ his program clearly says it’s not a bulking/Hypertrophy plan

And even if you disagree I asked for a higher volume one because I enjoy that more …

Then try one of the highest volume program for men. Give a go to “The fastest Way to get Jacked” by CT and if it doesn’t fancy your needs of volume and frequency, well nothing will…

Also, “Hard body training for women” is NOT a fat loss program.

It’s tagged with „fat loss training“ and includes quite a lot of Metcon type workouts …i do these all the time already …that’s why I wanted to try a different approach …I will look the one up you mentioned thank you

I feel like you’re getting tripped up over labels.

You can’t really mix and match principles from different coaches because they bring different methods to the table. Some coaches (the successful ones) generally have a toolbox of different methods for any given goal, so that makes it less straight-forward to find “a program with this volume using this split for this type of person.”

The article in your initial post had a sample program. If you want to follow that coach’s advice about why women should train differently, use that plan. There are many articles explaining how to determine training volume. This is one, and this is another.

Yes unfortunately I have a tendency to overanalyse everything …paralysis by analysis :wink: thanks for the suggestions so far

Ha! Then there’s always this article

Women, Train Like Men (For the Most Part)

I second what Chris says. The title of the articles, albeit sometimes a bit different than the actual articles themselves, aren’t meant to say, “This is EXACTLY how you need to do x,y,z.”

There’s always room for specific adjustments according to individual needs. The main thing women could stand to do is just increase the volume a bit more for certain movements. And increase intensity (weight, effort, whatever else applied), and lo and behold, guys should do the same thing.