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High Volume Training?

Is it just me, or do most of the articles that are now coming out seem to be focusing more on volume than intensity? I keep hearing that only focus on intensity and forget volume and now this comes along…

It’s true. The basic training themes of the last 6 months on this site have been:

  1. Use big, compound exercises.
  2. Forget EVERYTHING about tempo from the Poloquin years. Lower under control as fast as you can.
  3. Attempt to Explode the concentric.
  4. Use either maximal weights or maximal concentric force all the time.
  5. Train as often as you can this way as long as you can keep going heavy.

And personally I agree with most of this for myself. I do think that there is enough research showing that alternating high load days with moderate load/moderate volume days is essential for restoring the nervous/muscular system to normal function that it should be considered.

Also, finding ways to prime/trick/bypass our normal reflexes to get more intense muscular contractions.

Thats just my training philosophy. The problem is, it seems like every article is saying the same thing now.

I think the articles preach the mass cycle training simply because of the winter season. From what I have seen, the articles will change with the seasons.
Understanding how to periodize your regiments and maybe dieting (in my opinion) is the wise way to go.