high volume training

Hey all,

Im looking into trying a high volume training program!! Im thinking four days a week with 2 movements per workout 10 sets of 8/6/3/6 reps(different numbers per week ie 8 reps first week 6 reps second week etc). The movements will be oldschool like squats, dl, pull ups, military presses etc. and then i will throw in some isolation movements when need be. Im getting this program from the teacher of a strength training course im taking. Any info??? Anyone tried this? Im looking to build strength and throw on slabs of meat. peace

Sounds like german volume training. Vince Gironda used to recommend the same kind of system for his trainees.

Not sure how good it is for strength gains but its supposed to work pretty well for hypertrophy.

When Poliquin wrote the GVT article for muscle media he used one movement for 10 sets of 10 and then maybe a supplementary one for 2 or 3 sets of 12 I think.

For example,
Bench press 10x10
Flyes 3(or 2)x 8-12.

Sounds good to me, just make sure your pre and post workout nutrition is good enough to replenish the glycogen and get plenty of rest… do you mean 20 sets total per workout or 10? Keep track of your results, would like to see if it works for you!

okay so ive got specifics now… tell me what you think!!

day one: Squats/Incline Dumb Press
day two: Barbell Rows/ Military Press
day three: off
day four: pullups/deadlifts
day five: Benchpress/shrugs
day six: off
day seven: off

calfs and stomach are thrown into the mix after workouts. If i feel the tri’s or bi’s need some extra work i will throw in a set or two isolation on them at the end. My rep range will start at 8 then to 6 for week two then to 3 for week three and then back to six for week four.peace