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High Volume Training


I realize there are posts on this already, but I was wondering what you guys make of this High volume training. I am referring to the 10 sets of 10 type training. I hear you pick 3 exercises and complete 10x10 for each, but are you going to failure each time? Do you increase weight each set? What movements do you perform? 10x10 Deadlifts seems kind of mad but if you have examples of routines done i'd love to hear it.

And most important how do the results compare to the usual Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders and Arms splits geared toward bodybuilding i.e. 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. I was just wondering if it would be a good way to put on size fast and also if it suitable for year round training, or is it some thin you do for a few weeks?
Any knowledge is appreciated!


The only program I know that does stuff like that off the top of my head is GVT.

I've never done it, but know a few on these boards have. I think it's more so for 'advanced' lifters, or at least those with a solid base of strength first, because Squatting 95 lbs for 10 x 10 with little rest isn't going to do much for most.

Just try it out, it's usually something one does for like 3-4 weeks to push themselves to the limits, then back-off, so if you're interested in it, take a month and try it.


You don't go to failure. You pick a weight that you can get 10 sets of 10 reps with, with a fairly short, timed, rest period. You need to stay between 60 and 90 seconds; no longer. You can go as short as 45 seconds.

Regarding the weight, Poliquin wrote this up:

It's usually something used for a short period of time.

If we look at building muscle as three parts:
- improving CNS ability to recruit more muscle fibers (CNS efficiency)
- increasing capillary development in the muscles to drive more nutrients into them (cardiovascular efficiency)
- breaking down and rebuilding the muscle fibers themselves (muscular efficiency)

Then programs like GVT are focused mainly on improving cardiovascular efficiency (e.g., getting a good pump), and to a lesser extent, on building up your slow-twitch endurance muscle fibers. With many programs, especially the more strength-driven ones, the slow-twitch fibers don't get hit nearly as well as the fast-twitch fibers.

So yes, it will help you grow via a different means than what you're probably used to, but I wouldn't expect miracles from it.

As far as exercise selection, you should probably search this site and others for a better idea of Poliquin's suggestions. Also look at Gironda's 8x8 and 6x6 programs for exercise selection.




Thanks guys really appreciate it! Gonna try this type for my calves id say because.......well......they SUCK! Made good progress all over except the calves are soo slow! I know they are one of the hardest parts to work, but believe me I have tried a lot ha! Thanks again


I've had nothing but awesome success with the 100 reps /day calve program on here. 100 BW reps a day for a month sounds ridiculous, I know, but I went from 14.5" to ~16.0" in that time frame.



Ill def give this a try as I can do it in the morning evening after work! Did you do any weighted calf raises with this?


This sounds like something I want to try for a few weeks... kind of a shock to the system and then back to regular stuff... IDK I am going to research it more tomorrow and maybe start it up Monday...


x2 great program, also some good stuff here...