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High Volume Routine for Mass


Hey guys iv been lifting weights for a year now, and i really love BB'ing and up till now i have been trainig with heavy weights and low reps 6-4, last 6 months iv been following max-ot wich is nice cus u go to fail, and get to givit ure all. Anyways now iv decided to make my own routine, focusing on adding mass, rather then strenght

Monday: Chest & Biceps

Inclein DB press: 4x8-12
Flat DB press: 4x8-12
Inclein DB flyes: 4x10-15
Inclein Cable flyes: 4x10-15

Cable curls: 4x8-12
Seated DB curls: 4x8-12
Concentration curls: 3x10-15

Tuesday: (Heavy row day) Back & Triceps

Barbell Rows: 4x8-12
DB Rows: 4x8-12
Lat pdowns: 4x8-12
Close grip Lat pdowns: 4x8-12

Seated frenchpress: 4x8-12
Cable pushdowns: 4x8-12
1 arm reversegrip pushdowns: 3x10-15

wednesday: Shoulders & Traps

DB press: 4x8-12
Bent over rear delt rais: 3x10-15
Bent over rear delt rais (Cable): 3x10-15
DB lateral rais: 4x10-15
1 arm lateral rais (Cable): 2x10-15

DB shrugs: 4x8-12
BB shrugs: 4x8-12

Thursday: Legs

Squats: 4x10-15
RDL's: 4x10-15
Leggpress: 4x10-15 (Focus quads)
Lying legcurls: 4x10-15

Standing calfraises: 4x10-15
Seated calfraises: 4x10-15

Friday: Chest/Back/Abs & Grip strength (Focusing on lats, and contraction)

Inclein DB press: 4x8-12
Cable Flyes: 4x10-15

Latpulldown: 4x8-12
Closegrip Pulldowns: 4x8-12

Hanging knee raises: 4x10-15
Cable crunshes: 4x10-15

Behindback wristcurls: 3x8-4
Reverse wristcurl: 3x8-4
Barbell holdon's: 2x 60 sec

So what u guys think, is the volume to high ? i have all the time in the world to spend in the gym, and i am willing to give it my all





16 sets of grip strength /shrug training? just buy a block of chalk and deadlift.

I'd go with an upper lower template built around the basic 3 lifts with added volume for BB.

sometimes more is less


Why don't you just keep training Max-OT? Want more mass? Eat more food.

Or, if you don't want to train Max-OT anymore, find another tried and proven program instead of trying your own. I didn't really look at it but history shows that people who have been lifting weights for a year don't really know how to create their own training routine.

But if I were you I'd just keep using Max-OT or try HP Mass, or maybe a Push/Pull type routine. TONS of stuff on this website.


you feel good doing Back one day after Biceps?


My honest opinion is that in bodybuilding, if you can recover from it, more IS better.

If you have all the time in the world to spend in the gym (and understand the importance of diet), and can gradually build up to a very large workload, DO IT.

And in response to an above poster, yeah a rank beginner would be better off following a routine laid out by someone more experienced, but if you've been lifting for a little while you need to start figuring out what works best for you. There is nothing glaringly wrong with the routine I see here, I say go for it and make sure you bust your ass every time.


heh that one made me lol.

16 sets is not high volume IMO, unless u just started lifting and have no tolerance....

i think people vastly underestimate how much you can force the body to grow and handle more volume over time. I remember during track seasons in high school i would be running like crazy everyday and it gave me more energy in the gym by the end of the season because i would recover really fucking fast.




Its not bad, i would change it to chest tri, back bi, shoulders traps, legs personally. I would just do what you did with max OT if its been working just add more reps and slowly add more work sets


Add volume for your friday back workout. Back in particular responds very well to high volume. I hit it twice a week with a power style the first time around (heavy 12-15 sets) and a higher volume 3 days later 15-20 sets.



As mr. popular said, if you can recover from higher volume then by all means train that way.

I would recommend taking an off day somewhere in your split (if possible), as I feel it helps aid recovery both physically and mentally. Even if Im all pumped up to train that day, I realize if Ive already trained heavy three days in a row I may need a day off.

It sounds like you enjoy heavy lifting but like to do higher rep BB style movements as well. I would suggest a form of 'powerbuilding' and focus on the three powerlifting movements with a moderate amount of assistance movements depending on how much effort you expend on the main lift.


I see nothing wrong with it.

Although personally id put a day between your Monday (chest and bi) and your Tuesday (back and tri) days.



Nobody seems to have drawn much attention on this; Max-OT IS for size (if you eat for it).

If you didn't get any good size gains from it my guess is that you never ate enough and you never progressed in strength as much as you think you did.

For some people, they may not respond to volume as 'low' as that on Max-OT (especially just sticking to the low rep range)...but this doesn't mean turning everything upside-down and suddenly doing something completely different.

There is a lot wrong with that split you gave, anyone who says otherwise hasn't looked at it very closely lol.

1) Training biceps the day before heavy back training = bad
2) Training triceps the day before shoulders sometimes can't be helped, but still not good (especially with plenty other problems)
3) Even your arms (simple muscle groups) get more attention from frequency and volume than the legs do
4) The frequency of "hits" isn't spaced evenly (e.g. chest gets 3 days rest which I'd say is minimum at that amount of volume, then only gets 2 days rest all within the same week every week)
5) Most of upper body gets hit 2x/week, but shoulders only once? You can never have shoulders that are too big :slight_smile:
6) You've added volume for the sake of adding volume...do it gradually IF NEEDED

As mentioned, stick to something pretty standard and proven like a basic 3 way split. If you want more volume, train more often...likewise, if feeling beat up, have more days off.



If you're going to do this: " 4) The frequency of "hits" isn't spaced evenly (e.g. chest gets 3 days rest which I'd say is minimum at that amount of volume, then only gets 2 days rest all within the same week every week)"

Lower the volume of the second day or of both days. Nothing is wrong with 3 days off and 2 for the same body parts I've done this and it was reccommended to me by modok and it was awesome but volume had to be adjusted appropriately. Also there is nothing wrong with prioritizing the chest back and arms its not like he gave up on legs and shoulders.

Yeah actually looking at it again it needs quite a bit of tweeking.

How about


Keep weekly volume for each muscle at 12 sets and increase later on when you need it.
This means every chest workout will be 6 sets whether its 6 sets of flat bench or 3 sets of flatbench and 3 sets of incline. Keep in mind on the second chest day you arnt trying to destroy yourself this is why when I did it I used inline bench and dips on my second day because they hit my chest but not as much as flat bench or decline bench.


volume over rated, when intensity is low


Yeah I have also done that setup for chest too, which lead to me just giving it a good hit and enough rest (simple), none of this just a little bit here or there and a good one here stuff :slightly_smiling: It never made that much difference when I lowered volume to compensate for the shorter rest period, intensity/load is still high. Of course there are ways around it (alternating loads etc), but why complicate the crap out of a simple thing? lol

The OP is a newbie with 1 years experience, he needs to continue building up his epxerience with the lifts (mind-muscle connection, intensity/strength for reps etc) and hit bodyparts equally...not speciallise on "lagging" bodyparts. Of course I wouldn't have said much of that if he'd already built a good base and had years experience.


Best program for mass and volume ever!! -

Christian Thibaudeau 6 Weeks to Superhero
You can find it in the Programs section in Articles, but its easier to get it from youtube.