High Volume/High Intensity Clarification?

I just read and re-read the new article on volume for natties. I’m trying to wrap my head around the concepts. I am definitely an intensity guy. I do the whole body split on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday. I choose one exercise per body part and do either 4 or 5 sets. However, I do every set at high intensity. Where I feel like I couldn’t do another rep. Am I killing gains by increasing cortisol doing this? Thank you.

Honestly, because of the 4 days off, that is likely fine.

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Thank you for the quick response. We appreciate all you do.

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Christian - another clarification on this program. You state that

“Every week in the four-week block, you increase tonnage by adding more reps while using the same weight. Then on the next block you increase the weight and lower the starting reps, once again working your way up.”

In the examples though, it also appears that you are adding to the overall set count, increasing from 4 in week 1 to 5, then to 7 in week 3. This seems counter to the comment above. It seems like the set count should remain the same as you are increasing the weight in each block. Can you clarify?


Update - Finally saw where the rep count in Block 2 & 3 actually went down, so more sets, fewer reps but with increased weight. Got it now. Can’t wait to try this one out - was about due to mix things up!

I may be missing something - but are there no deadlifts in this program? For workout 1, what kind of hip hinge variation exercises are we talking about? How do we keep the lower back strong through this program?

Does the C1 C2 thing mean I pick only one? Or do I do both in one sessions?



D1 and D2

No, that means you rotate (or superset) C1 and C2, rather than doing straight sets of C1 and then straight sets of C2.

C1. Curls 4x10
C2. Tricep extension 4x10

Means: curl 10 times, then do 10 tricep extensions, curl 10 times, do 10 tricep extensions, etc… until you reach your set/rep total. Rest between, of course, either as needed or prescribed by the program.

Hip hinge can be a deadlift, romanian deadlift, goodmorning, reverse hyper, DB romanian deadlift, etc. Which all, of course, involve the lower back.

Plus, if you are squatting you are strengthening the lower back

@Christian_Thibaudeau I think he’s asking about deadlift because it’s written specifically, on day one, at least, “NOT deadlift from the floor“. But thank you for the clarification.

Yes. This. It specifically says not to deadlift (from floor).

@antiquity thanks.

Yeah, but you can still do pin pulls and RDL

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I just completed the first week of this program. Typically, I do 531 programs or Dan John programs but wanted to try this.

Day 1:
I did Zercher squats, SLDL, weighted ring dips, weighted ring rows, OHP, and weighted pull ups. This was my favorite day (maybe because it’s the most like how I usually lift)

Day 2:
I did leg extensions, leg curls, DB flys, T-bar rows, DB curls, and lying tricep extensions.

Day 3:
I did leg press, reverse hypers, machine bench, seated rows, machine shoulder press, lat pull downs.

Day 4:
I did 100lb (each hand) Farmer’s walks for 30 seconds or max (whichever came first). I did 5 sets.

Other activities: soccer, running, yoga, and 3 ab workouts.

So far: I like it. It seems to be low volume (but it increases each week for four weeks) compared to a 531 workout. Also, finding the right weights is tricky. I wanted something I could have done for at least 12 reps, because I’m doing 4x8 now but will be doing 4x12 in a few weeks. I guess I will adjust down as needed to get the reps in. I haven’t done anything on machines in forever, so that was different but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.