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High Volume Experiment

Hi guys,

I’m planning to do this for about 3-4 weeks, depending on how long I keep on gaining. Plan is to train 6 times a week. Main target is to gain overhead strenght + clean power.

HV training:
10x3 push press / MP
10x3 power clean / hang clean
10x3 back squat / front squat

LV training:
3x10 squat
3x10 bench
3x10 chins
3x10 abs

Day 1: HL training 65% max.
Day 2: HL training 80% max.
Day 3: rest
Day 4: LV training 60-65% max.
Day 5: HV training 70% max.
Day 6: HV training 82,5-85% max. (+LV training 60% max.)

What do u think? I’m planning to gain about 5lbs during this shedule.

i am more into pl than into a wl,but this will get you tired and over trained if you do it that much.6 times a week,you should do 2 hw and 4 lw trainings.how would you do the exercises?by week or days?i am reffering to hw days