High Volume Deadlift Training Program

Hey! im new here but i’ve followed the strength and performance groups online for about 10 years or so. ive got a program like the squat every day that is not for the squeamish, ill just get right to it.

deadlift 500 reps x 135 lbs
pushups 700 repsx135 lbs
pullups 400 reps X bodyweight
2 miles run for oxygenated blood and more strength, its worth it

mon-fri rest on saturday and sunday

and adjust for higher reps and as few sets as possible, add frontsquats several hours after the workout, the idea is the everyday reps and at the end of the week having lifted say 300,000 lbs total in reps to weight vs the normal 2 workouts a week totaling maybe 30,000 lbs with no volume

supps: infowars anthroplex super male and b12

lifestyle: non pmo, intermittent fasting or cr, cold showers

this is the beast maker workout, dont knock the volume

you dont say…what is the actual purpose of this approach? Strength endurance?

overall strength, and athletic performance, speed would come as well but i have to say myself that i only did squats twice a day instead of the deadlift along with bench and weighted pullups, but after time i found that clean and jerk form deadlifts were optimal for what i was trying to accomplish, this is a hypothesis workout if you will that i based off my success with the squat everyday workout

Curious are you familiar with the SAID principle?

no im not! just looked it up, yeah the deadlift volume would be tough but you would adapt to it and be an animal, like farmers strength almost, i think if you took a group of freshmen football players and trained them, they could be outperforming seniors within a year provided proper instruction, see it like these kids have 200k or 300k legs vs the other players 60k or 90k legs as far as volume

I am probably not going out on a limb here… I have a good feeling that allot of the regular posters on here are going to flame your concept.


people do tons of pushups and can bench like 360! idk if this works but i think if you did high volume it could get a beginner to 405 quick and possibly help with plateuing, the volume idea came from bulgarian method weightlifting where the athletes trained heavy all day basically, and the every day squatting

What results has this produced so far?

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i havent tried it,it is a hypothesis. i assume like a 225X12 bench would equal around 275, so if you could do a set of 135 x 100 it would potentially equal something up over 300

Are you familiar with the notion of intensity in regards to training along with say muscle fiber types?

If you had spent 1% as much time in the gym as you had spent following “strength and performance groups online”, you’d know that your “hypothesis” cough, cough is 1000% false.

(there, Bulldog, I said it for you wink wink)

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prettyyy sure this would work swimmingly, not sure where you got your info that it would be false, you could make staggering gains in short time especially as a beginner. you should try it

Occam’s razor would dictate otherwise.

Why do you theorize that no one else has successfully utilized this approach?


um who are you referring to as beginner?

do the program

whom should do the program?

i cant do any program right now im injured, but if i wasnt having issues i would be doing this one. i think people dont do a lot of this type of work, i think the volume will work, nobody has to do anything but if you got to like 185X1000 mon-fri you would be a martian, thats almost impossible but i bet theres a freak who could do it and just destroy everybody as far as speed and jumping ability on the football field

Ill ask a important question what are your top lifts and current stats age BW and Height?


I was lifting weights 5 days a week with a ruptured ACL, torn meniscus and fractured patella. I was training 2 days after surgery.

Are you in a full body cast or something? Statements like these make it hard to take your opinion on training seriously.