High TSH Levels on TRT?

Hello to everyone!From what I have noticed in this forum and in general many people on trt have borderline high tsh levels. I think that there is something affecting many people’s tsh levels and thyroid hormones in general. I have been testing my thyroid levels since 2012 and my tsh levels have been fluctuating between 1,7 and 5,7 my ft4 and ft3 levels are always mid range (except when I was taking antipsychotics which are notorious for lowering thyroid function) my ultrasounds were always fine as my rt3 , no antibodies and not many low thyroid symptoms aside from some slow cognitive function (after I started psychiatric drugs though). I can’t believe that all these men on trt are hypothyroid since hypothyroidism is quite rare in males in comparison to women and I have been reading many people’s stories in this forum who claim having borderline high tsh levels (3-6) for example, it’s statistically impossible so many men who are on trt gathered in a forum like this all suffer from hypothyroidism. I think that it has something to do either with testosterone affecting tbg levels or higher estrogen and lower progesterone levels that have an impact on thyroid function or with cortisol and the adrenal function. Does somebody have a clue about that issue?

These forums have a way of attracting guys with problems like the way dung attract flies, guys that aren’t having medical problems have no need to seek out these forums.

I think for some it’s a shitty lifestyle, stress and certain prescription drugs or a combination of all three. The TRT prescriptions has increased tenfold in the last decade and continues to climb, 10 years ago a young man under 30 having low-T was unheard of.

We are also bombarded by chemicals and toxins, we are a product of our environment.

You are definitely right, I am seeing too many young men on trt lately due to low testosterone levels. At least in my case the cause for my low testosterone is that I was abusing anabolic steroids for many years in the past. Unfortunately doctors (especially in my country) know nothing about trt and they tend to prescribe psychiatric medicines like candies instead of optimizing somebody’s hormone levels. I have been prescribed 20 different psychiatric medicines during the last too years of every category which of course make things worse. Now I am only on cymbalta 60 mg per day and I have been feeling a bit better but I want to optimize my trt protocol as well. My head is not clear and I am pretty sure that it will never be unless I come off of all the psychiatric medicines and give time to my brain to heal. These medicines have a negative effect on hormone levels and many other functions of the human body!

I was on clonazepam for 30 years, physically active and coming off induced low-T by destroying my quality of sleep by screwing with my GABA receptors.