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High Trough Level?

Hey guys.

So I take 50mg Test E 2x per week
(Monday morning & Thursday evening)

As you can tell this is a low dose, but I got my trough level back today and it is 1100.

SHGB was 24
E2 was very low, I take 12.5mg aromasin once per week, I take it on a Wednesday and my bloods were taken Thursday morning, not sure if this would cause it to be lower than other times of the week?
It seems I need to stop the AI, I’m quite lean so could be why.

My question is, I feel great at 100mg per week but with my trough level being so high do I need to lower my dose?
Surely my peaks must be high?
I’m 4 months into TRT btw.

My hematocrit is fine too.

I would not lower you said you feel great. Perhaps consider lowering it if you need to control your e2 after stopping the AI.

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What is very low? Drop AI.

After a single dose, the maximal suppression of circulating estrogens occurs two to three days after dosing and persists for four to five days.

@highpull are you saying testosterone peaks after 2 days.

Also when do you thing e2 peaks after an injection?

Thanks, sounds good!

21pmol/l UK lab reading, I think converted for the 25pg/ml sweet spot people talk about on here works out at 90pmol/L

So 21 is ridiculously low

Ok, I guess that means I was even lower after the test then, dam! That can’t be healthy lol

No, that was regarding the effect of aromasin on estrogen. Which, in his case, taking his aromasin within a day of labs, would mean E2 would drop even lower over the next couple of days.

As for when E2 peaks after an injection, I think it would be highest when testosterone is at its peak, within the first day, but I am not sure. Probably varies with the individual.

21 pmol/L converts to 5.7 pg/mL

Yep, aromasin is rough stuff.

The weird thing is, I don’t feel bad, I don’t have the usual E2 crash feeling.
I feel generally good.
My face tends to go a little puffy when E2 raises so I tend to take the aromasin but now I’m thinking low E2 can cause bloat too

How long do you think until I’m back at healthy levels? 1 week maybe?

It is weird, but I think you also need to consider the long term and that means bone and cardiovascular health.

You should see E2 up in a week or two.

That’s very true, and the most important aspect.
Thanks for your help

Do you think taking some extra HCG will speed it up as it converts to E2 without aromase?

I would stop the AI and don’t try to do anything that will affect E2. Let your body stabilize that on its own for a while and see how you feel. If your levels are out of whack after 6 weeks or so, then revisit the idea of controlling E2. What you’re doing now is obviously bring your E way too low.


Maybe, but in some guys it can take several weeks for hCG to have that effect and some don’t see it at all.