High Triglycerides

I Turned 50 this year and just had my yearly check up. Everything looked good but my Triglycerides was 278 and it was 173 last year. What I thought was weird my test dropped from 898 to 530 this year. I have been on HRT for 6 years and inject 100 mgs a week and I split that does in half by injection twice a week.

My diet is pretty good, I live on grilled chicken and brown rice, I never eat fast food or fried foods. I run 5-6 morings a week, 2.2 miles in 16 mins and lift in the afternoons and I weigh 174 lbs at 5’6". I’m not going to sweat this because my dad gave me high BP and I guess he gave me this also.

I used to think 50 was old but I can truly say that I feel better than I ever had even though I have both biceps torn from the bone and just tore my right bicep belly.

Did you drink alcohol the night before the test? That would certainly impact trig levels. You might be surprised but brown rice is not as healthy as people think.

You could try basmati, also long grain is a lot better than short grain.

Normal white rice is terrible on the GI index, basmati is a lot better, and if I remember correctly brown rice does not fair well either.

You can try drinking some apple cider after your carb meals, maybe a tablespoons worth mixed with water.

Studies suggest 20-40% lowering effect of the GI.

I went on a test diet where I eliminated carbs from my daily intake except for oats in the morning. after 3 weeks I had a dramatic decrease in ldl and trigs. This diet had a much better positive effect than a low fat diet to reduce cholesterol.

I have not drank anything in some time. I went out and bought several bags of shredded cabbage slaw mix. I found a recipe that you add sunflowers seeds, sliced almonds, and green onions to it and I eat that dry. I will try this instead of brown rice for 4-5 weeks and have another blood test. My cholesterol was good, 172

Eat paleo. (In your case, maybe just switch to grilled chicken and salads.) Watch your trigs fall to under 100 within weeks. Worked for me, works for lots of folks.