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High Tren, Moderate Test


long time no post.. dont really know who is still around but here we go.

friend is 5'4 160lbs 7% and done a few poorly constructed cycles. he works out like
a monster and his nutrition is on point now and will increase as the cycle goes on.
goal is to put on size and stay relatively lean. any gains below 12% will be great, will run a bulk with test and eq later.

possible cycle:

test cyp 500mg weeks 1-10

tren ace 150mg eod weeks 1-12

nolva 100mg ed week 12
60mg ed week 13
40mg ed week 14
20mg ed weeks 15-18 also can have aramidex if some body gives me good reason to add it.

Alpha Male starts week 14 as well and will run till next cycle.

please tell me what you think im a bit rusty at putting these together.


forgot to add will be taking milk thistle, cranberry, saw palmettow extracts before and after cyle.

dont know if that matters but i like my friends liver and kidneys to function well


No problem, it's a myth that you always need test in your cycles.

I know two guys that are currently running Tren only, one of them @ 2g a week without problems.


Surely their libido went to shit on 2gs per week??


2g of tren per week?

I'm not saying I don't believe you, but...I don't believe its 2g's or it's highly underdosed or not even tren.

Think of the sides with tren...


I wouldn't call it a myth. Its a good rule of thumb for beginners. just because your buddy isn't having problems running tren alone doesn't make it a good idea, or a good recommendation.


thanks for the half ass high jack..

anyone have any real insight?


Many people like high tren with low test (a TRT dose, say 200mg/wk) with high tren(500+ mg/wk). It seems as if many of the ugly tren sides are kept at bay with the low test.

Also, if you're going to use tren ace, you're best off pinning ED. Blood levels will be much more stable.

PCT looks like overkill. 40/40/20/20, or even 40/20/20/20 if you frontload it with ~100mg on the first day.

IF he's going to keep test high (ie, 500mg), he'll probably want to use adex to control estrogen, as opposed to waiting until he NEEDS it. It's best to keep estrogen within normal ranges anyway.

IDK about the Alpha Male during PCT. Sorry can't help ya there.

He doesn't NEED those liver supps, fwiw, since he's not using any orals. Sure it can't hurt, just something to think about if money can be better spent elsewhere, ya know?


I was thinking 500mg weekly would be low for him since he has cycles with 750mg weekly of sust, maybe higher.

Since Tren Ace has a 3 day half life so pinning eod should give pretty stable blood levels.

I agree Will take it down to 100mg first day to get levels up then go to 40mg ed for first week and 20mg ed for 3-4 weeks following.

You are might be right about running ari through out. Better to be safe with it than sorry without it.. What would a good dosing be?

money is not an issue really just always like to clean out the body good before and after a cycle. always worked for me and buds in the past.


Pinning tren ace every day seems to keep many of the sides lesser than EOD for many people sensitive to sides. In addition the 500 mg test is high for running ~600 mg tren ace. Maybe he'll be fine, dunno, but suggest dropping the test dose to 300 mg/ or so. I also would not put the half life of tren ace at that long, but whatever.

Keeping estrogen low with tren in a cycle is likely to keep libido issues as bay, and if you are not persuaded by the necessity of keeping gyno away, then surely libido issues on cycle would get your attention, yes?

Adex dose varies with test level though, so need to decide for sure what test dose he is going to use before figuring adex.


thanks for the in put guys.. still have a few weeks till he gets started so still have time to dial it all in. any more thoughts?


well lets move it around a bit and see what yall think of doing what my thread said hi t low t..

Tren 150mg eod weeks 1-12
Test cyp 500mg weeks 3-4
250mg weeks 5-10
turinabol 30mg ed weeks 9-12

Arimidex weeks 3-14 I will look at dosing on some diffrent sites and see what would be best

the Turinabol will be added at the end to help harded up/ keep gains from the cycle and it is easy to get.

PCT is is same as before 100mg nolva to start then bring it down to 40mg then to 20mg for a few weeks with the Alpha Male

tell me good or bad or just flame away..


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Thanks for the words Bush.. Yeah been out of the game for a long time. Guess I still am kinda, like I said this one is for a friend not me. Married with a kid and the wife is not too cool with me and needles. I dont really blame her.

Any way..

So if we keep the doseing the same and just inject 1/2cc of the tren ed sides should be kept at bay.

thanks for all the help guys. We will start this up next month and keep everyone up todate on how it goes..


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ah not so much the fear of the drugs any more I have educated her on them more than she ever cared to know. Now its more about not wanting needles in the house. Its all good.