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High Tren A - Low Test Cycle Advice


The low dose T combined with higher dose Tren cycle appears to be the way to go from what I've been reading and in talking with various people. (as opposed to high dose T)

So that being said, this is what I'm thinking about doing....

Tren A 50mg every day (350mg/wk)
Test E 30mg every day (a little over 200mg/wk)
Hcg 250mg EOD
Arimidex .25mg EOD

*I'm on TRT so no need for PCT...this is just a blast (then back to cruising)

Thoughts? Comments? suggestions? Should I bump up the Tren dose?
*I've done one cycle of Tren in the past and worked great.
*5' 11" 185lbs


I’d up the tren. Nothing puts size on like high test high tren though


why are you doing Test E everyday? Seems unnecessary and wasteful.


Simplicity of injections…I pin EOD with my TRT. With doing it every day, I can inject both the tren and test in one go.


Up the Tren to what? 75mg ED?


You may consider injecting tren EOD.

I’m planning a tren cycle down the road and wanted to avoid the tren cough as much as possible. Fewer injections, fewer chances.


If you’re going to inject everyday, why not just get Test Prop?


Daily injections = less side effects


Because I have Test E…it’s pharm grade (I’m on TRT).


[quote]senior citizen wrote:
Daily injections = less side effects[/quote]

Interesting, I’ll have to look into that. If you’ve used tren before, how was your experience with tren cough if it all?

Other than keeping caber on hand it looks good.


Since you have run Tren before and can handle the sides, I’d switch to Tren E and inject 2 times per week. That is more than enough to keep levels stable. You’re wasting a lot of Test by injecting every day, especially such a small amount.

IIRC, something like .15 mL is wasted in a typical syringe and needle, so only injecting 30 mg ED @ 250mg/mL means you’re throwing away more Test than you’re putting in to your body… But at least all the Tren is getting used if your loading technique is on point. Another option is to use slin pins, much less waste.

I think high test low tren is the way to go, but opinions vary. Like was said before, make sure you use a dopamine agonist such as Caber.


I don’t like the low test bullshit.
High test high tren.
Combat the sides with xanax etc…


Enough with the High test low tren, high tren low test or high test high tren for less sides bullshit. Try each one and see what works best.

I prefer ace over enanthate. Personal preference really, like I said earlier try one and see what happens then try the other.

I barely ever get “tren cough” so dont stress to much about that


I use slin pins and injecting the Test ED cuz I’m injecting the Tren A every day. I would backload it and use the same pin…one shot, too ez.


Tren cough…just a little last time I did 10 weeks. Barely noticeable.
Slept ok and minor sweating, that’s it for sides.


Well I was hoping for more insights but thx to those that weighed in…going to go low test high tren probably 200/400.


[quote]senior citizen wrote:
Well I was hoping for more insights but thx to those that weighed in…going to go low test high tren probably 200/400.[/quote]

Your cycle looks fine, what else were you looking for?

Have a DA on hand just in case for the tren.