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High Total Testosterone, High SHBG, Low Free Testosterone

Hello guys!

Im going to post bloodworks and info here and I hope you guys can help me to find a good solution to feel good again and have a healthy free testosterone levels.

What way should I try first or even do. Low dose anavar and see if it shut me down?, but its liver toxic and even in low doses maybe not so smart in the long run?. Or go with trt from start.


*Almost zero sexdrive
*Voice not as deep
*Heart palpitations
*Feels like body are stressed all the time
*Lose much hair (better now) after I stoped nicotine maybe lower stress levels

Not really. You can inject test more often to keep TT & FT high if you have low SHBG

Sure TRT may very well lower your SHBG, therefore decreasing your Total T, but your Free T, the active portion of testosterone will rise higher.

If you want higher free T, take more testosterone. It’s that simple. Boron isn’t going to make a real difference. Forget about lowering shbg.

I spent ages in your situation wandering if to take the plunge into TRT.

I had 2 starts where I bottled it.

Every time I kept coming back to my “decent” testosterone levels.

In the end I weighed up the fact I’d felt like shit for years- tried all sorts to get my SHBG to drop but nothing helped. Low Free T was definitely a real issue causing real symptoms with me.

I’m 4 months in and am pretty sure I’m in this now for the long haul now.

Be aware if you do start down the TRT route- there’s often a honeymoon period, you feel amazing as you still have your natural test as well as the exogenous coming in. All your receptors are really attuned and when your system suddenly has what its been starved of you feel REALLY good. This wears off an you have a period where you may feel crap as your body adjust- you’ll need multiple blood panels across your first year as you “get dialled in”.

I’m off for bloods this morning as I think my protocal isn’t quite right yet- its getting there but needs some tweaking (think I need a bit more T and slightly more often injections but we will see what bloods look like).

Careful with what doctor you choose. Some are brilliant- some are utter clueless. Some take it you want to be on a legal steroid cycle.

Look for a Dr who at least looks at Free T and wants to start you somewhere around 150-200mg broken into at least once weekly injections- anyone saying fortnightly or injections every 3 weeks just walk away.

If you are going to try an lower SHBG with Boron etc- do this as an attempt to not start TRT. See what it does- if it doesn’t work then maybe consider the TRT option.

Good luck

Thx man, I have been reading about this problem in about 5 years now so I know the only way is to take trt to 99%. But it will never be possible to get it from doctors in sweden so I need to buy from the “black market”. Going to take new bloodworks atleast 3 times with some weeks apart. So I know how all my baseline levels are before I start anything at all like hdl/ldl and what not.

I mean if you are natural :slight_smile:

Here is some of my bloodworks from 2017


S-Free T4 13 pmol/L
S-TSH 0.98 mE/L
S-Free T3 6.1 H pmol/L
S-FSH 12 E/L
S-LH 3.6 E/L
Prolaktin 7.1 ug/L
Testosteron 18 nmol/L
SHBG 49 nmol/L
Free testosteron 0.36
Hemoglobin 145 g/L
Erytrocyter 5.0 10E12/L
EVF 0.42
ERC-MCHC 341 g/L
Leukocyter 8.5 10E9/L
Trombocyter 236 10E9/L
Cystatin C 0.83 mg/L
Natrium 140 mmol/L
Kalium 3.7 mmol/L
Calcium 2.35 mmol/L
Albumin 46 g/L
ASAT 0.22 ukat/L
ALAT 0.13 ukat/L
Klorid 100 mmol/L
Östradiol 20 pmol/L
Urea 4.8 mmol/L
Urat 287 pmol/L


S-Free T4 21 pmol/L
S-TSH 0.8 mE/L
S-Free T3 5.3 Pmol/L
S-FSH 10 E/L
S-LH 5.3 E/L
Prolaktin 188 mIE/L
Testosteron 24 nmol/L
SHBG 69 nmol/L

What do you guys think about the bloodworks?

Notice how your SHBG increases along with your Total T, the Free T is always low. TRT is inevitable at this point because your pituitary just isn’t getting the job done.

But as I understand its the peak of the inject testosteron that lower shbg in the long run. and many start around 150/200 mg per week right?(high shbg guys). But how high will my total testosteron be on trt vs my natural lvl I have now (24-28 nmol/l). One doctor let me try trt in gel form for 2 weeks and my testo was 28 nmol/l and shbg 49 so that was a good start becouse often my shbg is 69. But I didn´t feel so much different was still tired but had morning eractions again. I know it takes months to a year before I will se alll benefits.

Usually the large injections suppress SHBG but have seen high SHBG guys on daily injections without issues. Remember everyone is different. The transdermals don’t affect SHBG to the same degree as injections which the latter allows for a high degree of control.

Transdermals don’t offer much control over one’s protocol except for increasing and decreasing the dosage.

It sounds like you didn’t give TRT a chance and tapped out early. You must be willing to work through the problem even as things seem hopeless.

Im most worried about that I think low free trt is my problem but its something else that makes me tired and feeling shit. I have so low energy so it feels like it most be something else sometimes. Right now I feel okey but far from normal or good. And I need
to buy it from black market

why not try Clomid(25mg eod)) with Proviron (25-50mg ed)

Well clomid raise shbg too and I think its more unhealthy to go on clomid and proviron rest of my life then only trt?.

what would you guys do in my situation in term of whats “should” be the most “healthy” in the long run

  1. High dose trt to bring down shbg
  2. Low dose trt and proviron or anavar
  3. Clomid and proviron or anavar
  4. Only low dose proviron or anavar without trt.

How much alcohol do you drink out of interest?

I was in the same situation as I stated earlier.

4 months in and I’m not 100% I’ve made the right decision yet. One thing that makes me want to stay the course is it has cured my chronic migraines I was suffering from regularly. They were debilitating

I’m not a doctor but probably Proviron will help with free test

I’d start with a reasonable TRT dose and see where you end up first.

I never drink more then just 1 bear maybe 1 time in a month. And in my younger days I only drink when its was party like 1 time in a month. Okey glad yo hear that you are better atleast.

Is it any studies that show when free testosterone get below a certent range most will have a problem?.