High Total Testosterone and Mid Range Free T

I had some resent blood work done and I found out my total testosterone was 37nmol(range 8-28nmol) and my free testosterone was 64pmol (range 31-94pmol). My doctor didnt mentioned anything about this. Should I be concerned? I was planning on increasing my testosterone dosage from 130 3 times a week to 140 3 time a week, to bring my free testosterone some where in the top range. Will my total testosterone go even higher if I increase my dosage?

Any input would greatly appreciated.

You should have put this in your other thread for context.

You need to repeat CBC and look at ALT/AST to see if liver is OK.
Your E2 levels may be up, increasing SHBG, increasing T+SHBG that can exaggerate TT.

Do not see protocol here. Are you controlling E2? I would guess not if you are not testing E2 levels.

This is the most recent lab I did. My Iron levels are low because I donated blood. My current protocol is 130ml Testosterone cypionate 3x a week 0.0625mg AI x2 a week HCG 250ui x2 a week.

ALT is good. E2 is a bit high, SHBG will be high, FT could be higher. SHBG is creating elevated T+SHBG that exaggerates TT.

You need to get E2 near E2=22pg/ml, you are at E2=32.

New AI dose needs to be .0625mg * 32/22 = .096mg

Suggest that you take AI .0625 at time of your three per week injections, that should work well.

You appear to be a Testosterone hyper-metabolizer. If you don’t feel like your getting proper T response, you could increase T dose by 50% and would then need to increase AI by same amount. You could fly on the new AI dose for a few weeks and eval how that feels, then consider the increased T dose. Most feel better with high normal levels and I would use FT as your guide as TT is obviously exaggerated.

I have seen a few guys needing 300mg T per week and you are at 390 now and adding 50% will really make this an odd case! Expensive too!

KSman Thanks for your replay. I think I am an AI over responder. My Dr had me on 0.125mg x2 a week and it wiped out my E2 to zero, so my Dr had the compound pharmacy compound a lower dose which is now 0.0625mg. I had stopped taking the AI for about 2 weeks and my levels went up to the high 40s. I then started taking the lower dose AI for about a week and a half and I crashed my E2 again. I then stopped the AI for a week and my levels rebound to about the mid 30s. Last night I took 1 capsule @ 0.0625mg and I could tell by my symptoms in the morning that my E2 levels was a bit low, but not crashed like the last time. KSman I am thinking of opening the capsule and take half the dose once a week.