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High Testosterone?

I’m pretty sure I have high testosterone, but since I don’t have medical insurance, I’m hesitant to see a doctor, especially since I hear it’s hard to get one to do a T-count test. Do these symptoms sound like I have high t?

Hair Loss: No one going back 3 generations on either side of the family has hair loss problems. My 75 year old father has just a little more hair than I do at 24. It’s been falling out since I was 18.

Rage: I get PISSED. I destroyed a file cabinet the other night with my bare hands by punching it and throwing it over. It was a full 4-drawer legal cabinet, too. Sometimes I just “see red” and want to destroy. That song Break Stuff is nothing compared to how I feel.

Sex: I can turn into a raging sex maniac, needing to get off 4, 5, or more times a day.

Are these symptoms? What other symptoms are there? And more importantly, if I do have high T, should I even do anything about it?

Try switching your work out shake to soy powder and watch more Richard Simmons.

Go to a urologist and ask for a T-test, they’ll give you one after asking a few questions.

The first rule about having High T is YOU DON"T TALK ABOUT HAVING HIGH T! How many times do I have to tell you Tyler.

Of course, after you get the results of the T test, it might be a good idea to schedule an appointment with a good psychotherapist specializing in anger management techniques.

Is it like not talking to a pitcher during a no hitter? you dont want to jinx your high levels of T.

A few possibilities : 1. You’re an asshole. 2. You have have high T levels, but poor self control and lack maturity. 3. You have low T levels. Decreased levels of testosterone often cause irritability. Sounds like more of an issue for a psychotherapist than a urologist.

Uh, file cabinets don’t hit back.

Well, the general consensus seems to be that I’m an immature asshole with self control. Thanks, guys.

I don’t have a problem with self control, as I’ve never gotten into any trouble with the law or started any fights, either.

I was hoping some people with a clue might be able to help me, so on the off chance any are lurking around, I’ll ask again:

1: Are these symptoms of high t? Are there any other symptoms?

2: Are there any long term consequences of high t besides hair loss?

3: Anyone wanna join Fight Club? :wink:

You’re just angey because you’re going bald.:slight_smile:

I don’t think this is a T level problem. It sounds like you’re just a dick.

I don’t know if it is high T levels. You could be predisposed to going bald. I have heard numerous statements that it comes from the mothers side. I am 21 and going bald. I think that I have a lot of the “symptoms” that you have, if not more. I don’t try to analyze it. I just deal with it. If you think that you have high t-levels, then use it to your advantage. I don’t understand why you want a doctor to tell you or not. Is it going to make you sleep better at night? The only reason I would go to a doctor for a count is if I could not get it up.

Ok, I’ll try ONE LAST TIME.

I’m not looking to feel good about myself. I’m not seeking validation.

Are there any long-term health consequences to having high t? If my t levels are off the fucking charts, is there anything I can or should do about it?

I’m perfectly ok with my “anger management”. I’ve never picked a fight, been arrested, seriously injured myself, or broken anything I gave a shit about. I’m also very laid back, easy going, and not very easy to piss off. I’m not some bash-my-head-into-the-mirror if I can’t finish a set kind of guy; I’m not one of those guys who makes every lifter look bad.

If I can’t get a decent response, I guess I’ll just assume that either no one here has a fucking clue, or more likely, I’m not in of the t-man cliques on the forum. Personally, my definition of a dick is the kind of person who talks down at someone genuinely asking if he needs to seek medical help.

I bet you guys wouldn’t be this mean if I was one of those NAFAA guys who couldn’t wipe their own ass. :wink:


   Not trying to be critical here bud, it seems to me that you might be frustrated with the fact that you are balding at such a young age.  Take some finasteride and relax.  It happens.

Nah, I’m over the balding thing. I’m going to shave my head, and when I can afford it, I’m just going to get hair transplants from Bosley. It’s not cheap, but it works and works well. I’m more concerned as to WHY I’m going bald. My mother’s father had a FULL head of hair when he died at 77. Everyone on my mom’s side of the family (4 uncles) and a 90-something year old great grandfather have full heads of hair. Maybe it’s some weird recessive gene, but I’ve heard it’s also a symptom of high t. If baldness is the worst I have to deal with, that’s cool. But I’m worried that my balls might fall off or my prostate explode or something else weird, you know?

Most people here want to maximize T, as such they research how to do that… they don’t research how to minimize it so what do you expect from us?

Well have you thought about taking finasteride? It will at least slow down the progression of your hairloss and might protect your prostate too. Although more research needs to be done to see if DHT is the true culprit there. Above average T levels are usually associated with an overall healthier profile so other that the balding and the prostate issue I would not be too concerned at this time. However if you are still worried you could always schedule an appt. with a family physician and see what he says. And your right the balding is probably nothing more than a recessive gene. Hope this helps you.

You probably don’t have high testosterone levels. Here are 3 reasons why: 1. Hair loss is caused by dihydrotestosterone (DHT). High levels of DHT are commonly caused by enzyme levels rather than testosterone levels. 2. Rage in a passive person sounds more like personality/behavioral problem than a hormonal condition. 3. Your generation is not known for having high testosterone levels.

maybe seek an anger management course before you seek a urologist.

Well my 7 year old niece goes into tantrums like that at times, and I wouldn’t attribute it to high T levels.