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High Testosterone, Low Libido. Dopamine Deficiency


I remember @KSman saying his dad who lived to a very old age takes a vit k complex (the life extension one). I think it was 1 of 2 supps he took. How do you know it lowers e2?
I guess it also prevents calcification??


Wellbutrin doesn’t increase dopamine levels I believe. It only allows for the amounts you do produce to recirculate.


This is correct. As with SSRI recirculating serotonin. L-Dopa, Pramipexol, prolactin antogonists will increase dopamine. And then there’s diet precursor minerals and lifestyle factors.


Isn’t there an argument that with a compound like Wellbutrin, a reuptake inhibitor, that over time, your body will produce less dopamine as the receptors will downgrade due to the reuptake and increase in circulating levels?


Exactly right. Which is why it’s important to find the root of these issues rather than masking symptoms


I browse the web, in my free time, and there are informations about k2 vitamin, but only Suggestions about it helps to transfer calcium from the arteries to the bones. But there i dont find any scientific prove.
Anyway, since k2 vitamin mk7 is very cheap, i give it a try. My arteries are relative calcified because i live very unhealthy diet and lifestile approximately since year 1998 to 2015.

I would say the following about the e2 reducing effect: I go to lab every 3 months. I have e2 levels since the start of clomiphene therapy about 250-300 pmol/L. Arimidex was used to decrease these levels, since these levels are proper for a woman but not for a man.
Arimidex decrease the level to 200 pmol/L.
The last lab in november show estradiol 80 pmol/l. This is a very huge dropping in e2. My diet, vitamins, medications was all the same like before. The only difference is, that I start K2 mk7 2 months before the last test, which shows the huge decrease.

It is just my thought, that the drop was caused by K2. But i will make soon next lab, and see the e2 level, how it will be going.

(just some small notice: 1.: KSman wrote about the testicular aromatase method, which is behind the blood-testicle barrier, and arimidex can not affect this process. He wrote, arimidex can only decrease the e2 from the body aromatisation, but not from the testis aromatisation.
2.: there are studies on pubmed and etc, where they found, K2 vitamin works in testicles, in many processes, one of these is decrease intratesticular testosterone conversion to e2.
It is only my feeling, that from 1+2 points, MAYBE K2 did my e2 levels decrease to normal levels.


This is exactly true, i sometimes use wrong words, You are right. Wellbutrin is reuptake inhibitor of dopamine and noradrenaline. Bromocriptine is a dopamine agonist, which acts similarly on the dopamine receptors like dopamine. Yes, there are some fear in me, that these meds all together makes my dopamine receptors sensitivity to downregulate, or decrease natural dopamine production, or both. But i will try it, and if the results are only last at honeymoon days, i will know that these medications only masks my problem, and does not solve the original problems of my low dopamine production.


This is good info. Thank you.


Update about treatment

Yesterday i was at my andrologist, and he asked me about the effect of bromocriptine. Since i told him, the results are very positive for my libido, he write me a new prescription daily 2.5 mg for 3 months.

I am very curious about my blood tests, which i will make in next months. I will post my results after the blood test.


I see that you take vitamin D, but you have not established the reason for your deficiency. I didn’t see a Calcium or PTH level anywhere either. It’s actually foolish, although common, to supplement Vit D blindly without establishing cause or ruling out certain causes first. There is also some research indicating that methylation problems could affect your production of NO and dopamine, among other things.


Vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic. If you go by the recommended amount of the Endocrine Society then most people are deficient.


@systemlord - this is good info… can you elaborate and dumb this down for me? The doc i saw mentioned the T3 when i had labs done


@cobguy so why did the bromo make your libido so high?


Vitamin D deficiency is not an epidemic, it is a symptom that many have. You need to know why. Is it because you are never in direct sunlight without sunblock? Is it seasonal because you live in a Northern area? Or is there another cause? Vitamin D deficiency can affect your natural test production. If you have, for instance, hyperparathyroidism and supplement with Vit D, you are just killing yourself faster. You should never treat the symptom, you should always seek the cause and fix that.


I start take vitamin D since the suggestion of my endocrinologist. She told me, here in my country it is very common to have vit D level way below the recommended optimal level. My blood test showed exactly the same: vit D deficiency. I have very light coloured, and sensitive skin, this is the cause, why i can not go directly sunbath or anything else like solarium. They are total no-no for me. Maybe it is the cause of my deficiency.
Furthermore i consume the lowest recommended amount of vit D supplement. I think, Your comment is interesting, but i am not familiar with Calcium or PTH level.


I dont have any clue. I start the bromo with 2.5 mg 3 days ago, and i see an increase in my sex drive, furthermore, i have had great sex tonight, and i wake up today with a super-mega-giga morning wood… Without bromo i dont have any morning wood on the day after sex. It seems, my usually long refractory period vanishes, if i am on bromo 2,5 mg daily. Cause is unknown. My prolactin value naturally (without any medications) is on the low-average of the valid range.


What County are you from?



so why was it prescribed to you?


Bump because I would like to know this also. And get an update