High Testosterone But Low Estrogen?

I’m a 42 yr old male, fairly fit and active. I recently did bloodwork to test my T levels because after a year of strength training, I’ve built almost no lean muscle plus I have a low sex drive.

The test came back low at 262 ng/dL. Doc wouldn’t prescribe TRT though so I did my research for a few weeks and found my own source for Test Cyp. I am taking 200mg every 5 days and this week will be my 5th week into the cycle. This is my first cycle.

I had lab work done again this week and got my results back today. This time I included a Oestradiol test. As expected, my T was high at 1226.00 ng/dL but my estrogen level was low at 10.00 pg/mL (normal is 11 - 43). Alot of guys worry about elevated estrogen levels due to aromatase but mine seem to not be affected. Can anyone explain why? I want my estrogen to be normal, not low. Does this mean I need to take higher doses of T?

You might have more luck posting this in the Pharma section since this section is more based around getting test levels to “normal” levels (i.e. TRT), not doing cycles beyond the 100-150mg usually needed to do that

Are you taking any sort of AI or no? I’m assuming not? What is your body fat %?

Are you taking an aromatase inhibitor?

You lack aromatase enzymes responsible for the conversion of testosterone ->estrogen, HCG may be needed which will increase testicular production of testosterone and estrogen inside the testicles on top of the estrogen from the aromatase process.

HCG is prescribe by a doctor and is cheap at compounding pharmacies such as Empower.

Strange your Test levels are low enough for you to qualify for TRT, suggest your doctor has a bias and is against TRT.

None at all. I was prepared to do so if my estrogen level was high but came back low.

No AIs and body fat is about 18%.

Thanks for the info…that makes sense. I’ve heard of HCG but just didn’t put 2 and 2 together. I’ll do more research on this and talk to a doctor.

Regarding the doctor, I wasn’t too surprised. Most doctors have little to no knowledge regarding up to date info on TRT. Atleast that’s what I’ve been reading on the forums and patient testimonials. Also, the spectrum for what is low and high testosterone is different depending on where you go.

Your T dose is too high.

Thanks for the comment. I knew going into this that 200 mg every 5 days was on the high side in regards to normal TRT doses but I also knew it was far from an extreme dosage. I also told myself if there were any side effects, I would reduce it immediately or even stop. Currently I feel fine and things are improving in the gym. Blood pressure is normal and sex drive is slightly up but nothing to brag about. That slow improvement there could be due to my low estrogen.

So are you just making a statement that my dose is too high? Or are you saying that is what’s causing my low estrogen level?

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You’re just not making enough E2 and you really need it, even for muscle building. It is one of the most important hormones, we would argue the most important.

What I mean is when men are on TRT a TT level can vary quite a bit and men will not not notice a change symptomatically. But if E2 moves even 15 points it could change a lot of things. Basically it is more important to dial in your E2 when on TRT than it is your TT.

Really low E2 like that, especially combined with a healthy TT level, is just going to decrease bone mineral density, dry out your joints and leave you prone to injury IMHO. You really gotta get your E2 up, and until you do having your TT so high is not going to be much benefit.

Don’t get me wrong we are not shy about TT levels, as long as everything else is in balance. In fact studies show in short term up to 600 mg has no side effects, and in fact the 300mg group had more side effects.


Just my 2 cents.


150+ isn’t A cycle. I take 23mg a day with low shbg and I’m still im range

Really good info and it aligns with what I’ve been reading. I’m definitely going to focus on increasing my E2 levels. Would you agree about the comment above regarding taking HCG? If not what else can I do to increase it? Thanks in advance.

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HCG may help but it is not as good at stimulating E2 as rumored, unless you go up to a decent dosage. A thousand ish.

I would look into diet too, if I were to guess you eat pretty clean and have really low body fat? Ectomorph?

I would say I’m a mesomorph and since January of this year, I’ve lost about 30 lbs from doing extra cardio and dieting. Got a little carried away last year with bulking. And yes I eat pretty clean these days, especially since I started taking testosterone. Every calorie and macro is accounted for. My guess on body fat is around 18-20% right now.

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I couldn’t agree more on this point. Low E2 sucks.

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did you check your D vitamin lvls ?
you could try 20k UI D3 vitamin daily for 2 weeks and retest your E2. D3 works with Magnesium and K2 vitamin . this 3 guys helps to balance the ratio T-E
IMO your T lvls are great now.

The easiest and cheapest thing to do would be just take estradiol, 1-2mg daily should do it. Staying the course with your current protocol might see E2 creep up, or even jump, over time, it’s happened.

As for increasing your testosterone, that might do it, theoretically, yeah, more test, more E2, but one would think you’d already be there with total test at 1226. Most guys on TRT take 200mg per week, but some need more. Your dose of 200mg every five days is certainly not a “cycle”. I can see your reasoning here given you started with a test level of 262. The 1226 does not scare me at all. What is your free testosterone level and your SHBG? If SHBG is high, your low E2 is even more concerning as you’ll have less bioavailable to do the good things estrogen does, it’s cardioprotective (how are your lipids?), and helps bones, joints, even sexual function.


Not sure this wold work, but you could supplement with some soy. Maybe Soy Lecithin or eat some tofu. Or drink some beer. Or both. Beer is known to bump E2, and soy converts pretty easily. I can just buy progesterone over the counter here, but probably not where you are.

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