High Test + NPP or Lower Test + NPP + Primo for Mass

Hi everyone,

Is it better to have higher dosage stack of Test and NPP or lower dosage stack of Test, NPP and Primo when trying to gain mass?

I’m about to hop on another 16-20 week cycle. My previous one I did:

300mg Test
200mg NPP
300mg Primo

Had pretty good results, no side effects, felt good overall. My blood work at the end of the cycle:

Primo is quite expensive and I’m looking to see if I can improve my stack for muscle building. I’m wondering if the above stack is better at gaining mass, or if I would be better dropping the Primo and instead upping the test and NPP such as:

500mg Test
400mg NPP

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Pictures, height, weight, strength stats? Who are we talking about matters, yo…

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Yes it is. And it doesn’t shine without pretty high doses. I think you’re right to drop it. However as a DHT it may have helped stave of side effects from the NPP.

What do you mean by “better”?

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Old thread, but I am curious to hear back and see what you finally decided to do… And the results