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High Test High E2

I’ve been on Trt for 1 year now. Few months ago I started getting side effects I hadn’t had before, water retention,and bad acne break outs. I’ve been prescribed 1ML of 200mg of cypionate once per week. After my lab results my Dr droped my injection to 1.5 ML of 100mg cypionate per week and added ANASTROZOLE 1mg per day. looking for some advice, I feel like I’ve been fighting my endo just to get any type of help from him.
FSH .7 (1.6-8)
LH .2. (1.5-9.3)
Prolactin 3.3 (2-18)
Estradiol 55. (0- 39)
TT 1393. (250-1100)
FT 381. (35-155)

Training/ Diet
Train 7 days a week, 5 days hard,2 days light active recovery. My diet is as “clean” as it gets outside of the occasional treat every now and then. I don’t drink alcohol either, or eat fast food under any circumstances. I’m 28 years old 6’7 290lbs I have about 10-12%body fat.

This is WAY to much. You need to take 1mg/week in divided dosages.

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You also need to post lab ranges (just edit your original post). Add missing info per stickies. If you read some other posts after you read the stickies, you’ll see whats missing.

When were the labs drawn? When you inject once per week, you get peaks and troughs in hormone levels. So lab results are largely affected by timing. Makes it tough to make changes in protocol. Having said that, no one takes 1mg of Adex a day! You will crash your E2 and be a very unhappy boy. Long term success depends on good E2 control. Try to change protocol to twice weekly injections. If you switch and your TT and FT stay very high, you are at risk of dangerously high HCT.

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injection is Monday morning, blood was drawn Wednesday morning.

1.5 ml is a large injection. Why not .75 ml 299mg/ml?

Ditto on anastrozole. Most need 1mg/week with 100mg/week testosterone, others need less. No one needs what you have been prescribed. You will crash and will need to stop for 7 days then resume at a smaller dose.

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Endo’s actually as a group are quite bad at doing a decent job of TRT.

No need to ever test LH/FSH again, these will always track towards zero unless there is a testicular cancer where FSH remains high.

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I was being dosed 1ml 200mg/ml per week, once my labs came back high T and high e2 he told me to drop the test to .75 but then filled a new script for 1.5ml 100mg/ml. I feel I should split 1ml 200 mg/ml in half throughout the week.

Split dosing to twice a week and take anastrozole at time of injections.

You can use #29 1/2" syringes and should use 0.5ml size after you get T at 200mg/ml

200mg/week may simple be too much T

i will most definitely start that protocol this week.i can use #29 1/2" syringes to inject test? isn’t that similar to a insulin needle? where could I inject with a needle that size?

It is an insulin needle. They draw slow, inject lowish, but but leave no real damage behind. They are sweet compared to the 25g 1" I was using. We do this 104 times a year, not counting HCG. That can make it 208 holes in us every year. Lets make those holes as small as we can

These are the typical SQ sites. I like the upper outside edge of the thighs myself

so these are subcutaneous injections?

Yes and those are where to do them. You might want to look up a video on how to do SQ injections. It is a sampler system then intmuscular.

I is 100% absorbed with IM or SC. Only difference is mostly slower absorption rates and steadier levels with SC. That been said, find what is more comfortable for you. Some find that SC creates lumps in belly fat, but not legs and a few the other way. It is all about choice and on of the choices is avoiding decades of muscle damage and muscle hardening.