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High test 3 weeks after last injection?

So I ran a cycle of Test,NPP/EQ. I stopped them all at the same time, and then became aware of the EQ ester and so forth. I’ve learned a lot and should have been more cautious with running a long ester, and am going to go through this recovery with diligence.

Anyways, it has been 3 weeks since my last injection. I wanted to get blood work mostly out of curiosity and mostly because I had low libido towards the end of the cycle.

Here are my results:

Estradiol 14pg/ml/ Range 8.0-29.0pg/ml (Normal)
Prolactin 19ng/ml/ Range 4.0-15.2ng/ml (High)
Testosterone 1170ng/dl/ Range 259-1041 (High)
SBGH 12.6nmol/L/ Range 17.4-53.6 (Low)
Also high free androgen index as expected.

How in the world is my testosterone so high a little over 3 weeks since my last injection of it? I have not started PCT, my balls still seem somewhat shrunken. Why would my prolactin be high with low E2? Will that go down with time?

Is the EQ showing up as testosterone in the blood test most likely? What could be causing the low libido i’m still experiencing.

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