High: Taurine, Isoleucine, Alpha-Aminoadipate and Beta-Alanine??

Having issues with brain-fog, loose stools, fatigue, sweaty hands and feet, sleep disturbances, sluggish, bags under eyes, very irritable, and occasional rigors ( shivering). These symptoms I have had previously, but not since january of 2015 until they reappeared in late August.

I have been on a diet similar as possible to atkins for almost a year. I HATE vegetables, for my entire 55 yr life. Cant even stand the smell of some of them. I have eliminated dairy, severely reduced bread intake, severely reduced carb intake.

My integrative dr thinks these high numbers are from eating too much protein and no vegetables, and are the cause of my issues.

Any comments appreciated.

I’m not sure of the relation between your post and the title. Is the title referring to urine test results?

What many doctors would think to be a “high protein” diet by no means itself causes the above – I mean diets such as 300 g/day protein.

If you are on a diet which even to a bodybuilder or athlete would be really unusually high in protein, more than for example 50% calories from protein, then I can’t say what may happen from years of this. A “high protein” diet should still get more calories from the total of fat and carbs than from protein.

It’s quite possible many or all of your symptoms results from the decision to eat no vegetables.

Not from the standpoint of pushing one of my own articles, but because I wouldn’t know how to reference you to something that would quickly communicate similar information, this explains gut bacteria and their importance: Is Gut Bacteria Making You Fat?

The article is focused on the question of fatness, but it will also show hopefully just how thorough the integration is between gut bacteria and overall human health, as as well as between diet and gut bacteria.

There is no way to consume for decades on end a gut-unfriendly diet and maintain good health.

“No vegetables” does not cut it.

In bodybuilding it is wise to view food as functional, as well as providing enjoyment or satisfying instinct. You will function better by normalizing your diet to what humans are evolved to. I hope this helps.

Thyroid should also be considered, being sure to include free T3 in the measurement. If you do not use iodized salt at your own table and high iodine foods are not a quite substantial part of your diet, you are very likely iodine deficient, which can cause some of these symptoms.