High T Results all of a Sudden?

Slowly worked my way up from 213 to 770 TT and free T of 234 over the course of a couple years educating myself and my doc along the way thanks to ksman and others here. Just got my latest labs back and TT is 1150 with free T at 350.

What in the H*** happened? I have been exercising but no more than when levels were in normal range. E2 is now quite low at 7. Could this be my body reacting differently to Arimidex? A higher concentration than spec vial of T? I kinda worried what the doc is gonna do with me as I feel fantastic, have no acne, hair loss or any other signs of high T and I don’t want to adjust a thing…things are finally working.

Current Protocol:

test cyp - 100 mg e3d
arimidex - .5 mg m/w/f
DHEA - 50 mg t/th/s/s

100mg E3D is quite a bit. Did you move up to 100mg E3D (as opposed to ~50mg E3D) before or after beginning adex?

people who need (or take) more than 100mg of Test a week more than likely have a problem with some other system and they are trying to overcompensate for that other problem by overdosing on T. but overdosing on T carries its own set of problems.

have you ever checked or worked on your thyroid, cortisol, vit D, etc.?

Thanks for the reply sirs. Been a frequent reader here for a long time but only a member for short time and have never posted before so I sure appreciate the hospitality. I was on Adex from the get go but at 1mg m/w/f due to a 60.5 pg/ml lab. Then came the signs of low E; I had blood done and was as suspected so I went to .5 m/w/f on the Adex. in the beginning, after lots of labs, I started T inj at 200 mg per month and had the expected results. Little by little and tweak by tweak I got to 770/230 TT/FT range inj 100mg e3d.

age 42

Oct labs:
TT- 777
FT- 234
E2- 32.4
vit D- 54 (now supplementing)
T3 free- 3.1
T4 free- .9
TSH- 1.64
prolactin- 9.5

I don’t think I’ve tested cortisol but certainly can be done I’m sure. Everything else has been in the middle of “normal range” for a year or better (i.e. cholesterol, gasses, all cbc tests really) and DHEA-s is also right in the middle at 227ug/dL. Should I get another lab done to be sure or should I cut the T back for a while then get blood done. The T in the 1100’s doesn’t really bother me as much as why the E2 took a nose dive. Maybe cut the Adex in half? I guess I should also say that I have no acne or hair loss but BP has been a little higher than I like for a while averaging 135/85.

Thanks again for the help guys

If you hit a vein when injecting, serum levels would peak higher and could affect the lab work.

Low E2 is odd too.

Suggest repeating TT and E2.

We do need lab ranges.

I was taking 100mg T-Cyp E3D as well, but was still suffering from a host of other issues. Once I got my ferritin, Vitamin D, Thyroid, and Cortisol all tuned up, I was able to cut my T to 30mg EOD and I am having better results.

Thanks gentlemen. I spoke to the doc and we are going to do labs again soon to rule out anomalous results. If they are still out of whack we’ll look at doing something I’m sure. I’ll be sure to ask to include cortisol, and ferritin along with TT and E2…doc wants lipids panel too. I’ll post results with lab ranges when I get them. I’m not a big poster here but I do listen closely and read and research on here quite often so it feels almost I like a know some of you. Its nice to know when I need advice you guys are there for me. I don’t have many bookmarks on my computer but the one I have read twenty times and refer anyone who asks is ksman’s TRT: Protocol for Injections from back in 2009; it changed my life.


Thanks again you guys and a long overdue bow to ksman.

[quote]PureChance wrote:
I was taking 100mg T-Cyp E3D as well, but was still suffering from a host of other issues. Once I got my ferritin, Vitamin D, Thyroid, and Cortisol all tuned up, I was able to cut my T to 30mg EOD and I am having better results.[/quote]

EOD? Are you inj sub-cut then? That is something I have been wanting to try for quite a while. I have lots of insulin syringes left over from a trial period of HCG that got to expensive to continue. I have read the protocol on here many times but have not pulled the trigger for some reason.

I do intramuscular in the ventrogluteal. I tried SQ for a bit but wasn’t happy with the results. May try it again later.