High T, Low E?

This is not something I’m worried about but was surprised by.

I take 100 mg T per week and inject that on Sundays. I take 1000 IU HCG thrice per week on alternating days.

This test was taken on Wednesday. Usually in the past, without HCG, I’d test on a Wednesday in the 700s or 800s. As shown here, it’s now higher, likely because of HCG. When I used HCG and T together, T was never this high.

What surprises me is the E value and I’m wondering if that value is low in comparison with T. I have never used an AI.

Again, I’m not worried, just wondering.

Just off the top of my head, I would say most guys at 1000-1100 are higher than 35 with E2, but it certainly is not unusual to see some in the 30s, especially leaner guys. What was your E2 when your test was 700-800? Have you leaned out lately?

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Thanks for the response. I recall my E was in the 30s when T was in the 700s or 800s.

I haven’t leaned out recently. I think I might be a tad fatter than last year. I’m at a point in which I train for general fitness and don’t get cooped up with weight or bf percentage. I’m probably around 15% bf.

I guess it’s nothing to worry about, just surprising.


Nothing to be concerned about brother. Here is mine at 140mg/wk. T was unusually high for some reason but FT looked appropriate. No AI.

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I think I have a good response to only 100 mg per week.


Certainly do! I was only sharing to show you my E2 stays in fairly stable/normal range despite slightly high T levels. That was an unusually high reading for me but I chose that lab to share since yours was similar.

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Would you mind sharing your SHBG levels?

I would if I had them. My doctor never checks them. He checked it once when I first saw him 21 years ago. He usually checks T, E, hct, hgb.

Last two readings for hct were 50, so I’m going to donate blood.

Oh, okay, thanks anyway.

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I rad someplace that usually e2 is about 4% of TT. So you’re just about there

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