High T, High SHBG, Low Free Test. Anavar the Answer?

unreal makes some very good points and seems to be really knowledgeable with anabolic/androgenic compounds based on some of his posts here. enackers asked a good question as well, are you on a keto diet? Your cholesterol in general seems high which, as unreal mentioned could be problematic with Anavar.
I didn’t know Anavar was prescribed for high SHBG but I’m not terribly suprised that it is. It has proven to be fairly safe in some studies I came across regarding HIV patients (as mentioned) and for Wasting Syndrome.

As unreal stated, it’s not really liver toxic even though it’s an oral 17α-alkylated steroid. Since it’s already 5α-reduced, it convert to Estrogen like Testosterone will either.

You said you were most concerned with losing your hair. Does anyone in your family have Male Pattern Baldness? High DHT (which you lab ranges indicate) and DHT related steroids like Anavar are unlikely to make you go bald in such a short period of use unless you’re already losing hair or are genetically predisposed by family history.

If there isn’t another way to lower your SHBG (which is pretty damn high) before considering taking a prescription route, you might want to try Anavar before looking at TRT as an option. Most guys hormones seem to bounce back from some pretty heavy long steroid cycles at such a young age…a few don’t and end up on TRT, however, the guys who have cycled often and for a good portion of there lives usually do end up on TRT.

I’m no expert by any means but I would think a single short period of time on Anavar might not be an incredibly difficult thing to come back from.
If Anavar did some how end up flattening your hormones permanently at your age, then TRT would be the next step regardless.

If your labs don’t come back with increasingly lowering SHBG over the next year and you decide to go the pharmaceutical route. Try the Anavar if given the option between that and TRT. TRT is a life long commitment and it requires time, money, and patience to get right.

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@thehokiefloyd great points as well, and agreed on @unreal24278. Really appreciate the insight guys.

As far as diet, i did a modified keto for a while, but reintroduced carbs during the week a couple months ago as my weight loss continued no matter how many keto calories I added in. Cholesterol has been somewhat of a genetic issue in my family, so thinking that’s probably it.

Half of the guys on my moms side have hair, half have MPB…but both my mom and dad have extremely thick hair at age 61. Right now it’s looking like myself and my two brothers will be the same- all of us have a very thick head of hair like them. Just scares me that that gene could be floating around in there even though I have tons of hair now and haven’t lost a bit. I’m wondering- with my dht levels already being relatively high, almost outside normal range, do you think I’d already be showing signs of hair loss if I had that genetic sensitivity to DHT?

@thehokiefloyd also, agree with you on the anavar before jumping straight to TRT. If things don’t get better I think it’s always worth trying that first, then if it does happen to shut me down and no PCT will get my levels back up, go the TRT route anyway. I’d be lying if I said part of the temptation to go the anavar route wasn’t the gains 25mg/day for 8 weeks would bring. I know many would say that’s too low dose for a huge difference, but I think I’d get great results from it.

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I got results from that dose, granted I’m not sure if what I had actually was Anavar. Whatever was in that pill remains my favorite compound I’ve ever tried.

@unreal24278 interesting…what kind of shutdown did you see, or were you on TRT already? If not, did you run PCT after?

I was on TRT already, I ran it briefly because I’m an irresponsible idiot sometimes and wanted to try something. I ran like 100mg/test/wk + 12.5mg Anavar / day (totally fine, results were all good), then 100mg test/wk and 25mg var/day, BP shot through the roof. Tried it again a few months later, BP shot up through the roof within four days. I have the feeling my Anavar was spiked with a stim and/or beta 2 agonist, as I always felt like I’d taken Adderall after ingesting it + my HR would skyrocket from even a single 12.5 mg. Whatever was in it made me look nice and hard, made my muscles take on a fuller appearance and gave me random, painful pumps

That or my body doesn’t like var/ DHT derivitaves with high binding affinity to the AR.

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Lol, aren’t we all sometimes. My doc is supposed to be a pretty reputable hormone doc, works with a lot of athletes/fitness professionals and was a user for years himself. He was firm on me needing zero PCT after these 8 weeks if I tried it…

Is it Thomas O Connor, he looks pretty jacked lol. And he can bench absurd amounts.

Don’t out his name on the forum, dont want to risk him getting in trouble for prescribing AAS. But do shoot me an email if you don’t mind and tell me if my hypothesis is correct.

Good call. Sent you an email.

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Good question. I had a thick ass head of hair as a kid and no one in my family had MPB. At 21 I started shedding like crazy…bald on top by 24. My mom didn’t know her real dad (there’s a theory that MPB genes come from maternal grandfathers, who knows) and my dad didn’t know his real mom, so I guess I just got lucky like that :laughing:
Anyway, I’m 40 and don’t give uh f*** at this point. One less thing to worry about with Testosterone therapy.

As far as DHT levels and balding go, when I was in my 20’s the common conception was that balding was directly related to DHT. The more excepted modern theory is that if you’ve got the gene configuration for MPB, DHT will only speed up the process of losing your hair…which would likely have happened already if you had the genes if your DHT was consistently in the range it’s in.

Another factor to consider is when members of your family started losing their hair, your age, and where your hairline is at compared to when you were younger.

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did you see my comments. that supplment your on could be causing high shbg.

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Been off the grid lately, but wanted to update with what I’m going to try going forward.

Removed the shilajit, continuing with vitamin D (+ magnesium), boron, etc. Going to focus on more sleep, less alcohol, less plastic exposure etc, and work on everything i can control. Will re-test in a few months and update with results.

I feel like I’ve had increasing symptoms of low T (very foggy, low energy, no morning wood at all), and I think TRT is inevitable, but at least want to try the natural way first.

Will save the anavar for if and when I do hop on TRT…question is, will it still be good? They’re 50mg troche tabs, and says discard after 08/2019. Keeping them refrigerated per instructions on the packaging.

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Crazy the effect SHBG can have… My brother just tested and has less than half of the total test I do, but also half the SHBG, so our free test was virtually the same.

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ya sorry this has happened to you, me and others. it truly is shit. But I have tons of hope that shilajat could fix your issue. It is a herbal boost for labido and etc… these are temporary.

I hope its a quick rebound for you and you reverse course. how long did you take it for?

Thanks man. Things could always be worse.

I’ve just taken it periodically over the past year whenever I get a deal on it. Probably went through 3 one month bottles over a year period.


But it isn’t dr O Connor? Whose name am I deleting

My mistake I misunderstood haha

I know I’m being impatient, but starting to consider looking into TRT. I just feel like my overall energy/libido/mental clarity should be higher, and i should be waking up with morning wood consistently at my age. Going to at least see what my doc would write up if we were to go that route.

If you guys were to write up a prescription for my case, what would it look like? I’ll let you know what I get back from him

Use a specialist. Your going to a normal doc and trying to get fixed. Your asking for problems. Call the clinics and docs the guys here use.

Point being a traditional endo and uro will think your crazy trying to get trt .

If you start talking shbg there going to be looking at you like your speaking French.

They might leave the room To google it and come back with a sure…: no.

I can almost bet they’ll say hell mo your total t is fine. Some will say free t doesn’t matter.

:rofl: insanity