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High T, High Free T, High E2. No libido

Below are my numbers almost 3 months after having pellets inserted. this was my second round, the first being relatively successful but short lived. the doc increased the dose to see if it would last longer but I fear it is now too high and screwing me up. I have ED, no libido. Taking 1mg Arimidex/week to control E2 but doesn’t seem to be having an impact. Latest blood work shows no drop in E2.

any advice? I have never had ED even when down at 180. Now at 1600 it is miserable.


1607 HIGH 250-1100 ng/dL

FREE TESTOSTERONE 369.6 HIGH 35.0-155.0 pg/mL

Labs done by Quest.

Thank you all

@kinsale11 - have you been taking the 1mg Arimidex for as long as the second round of pellets have been in (i.e. for all of the “almost 3 months”)?

For the last month since I realized E2 was high

Old thread here:

Anastrozole is competitive with T at aromatase enzyme reaction sites. Serum anastrozole levels need to match serum T levels. With pellets, T levels change over time and you cannot get E2 levels under control.

Anastrozole needs to be dosed at least twice a week.

With those T levels you might have needed 1.5-2mg anastrozole per week at that time.

You now see how important E2 management is and how difficult pellets are.

FT determines FT–>E2 production rates. Liver clears estrogens. Liver function is important and AST/ALT labs are useful. Some meds or conditions interfere with liver E2 clearance.

You will be better of self-injecting T subq twice a week and taking anastrozole at time of injections.

Thank you KSman,

Am I right in thinking that if I were controlling E2 while doing the shots that I would not have the Acne issues that forced me to give up the shots?