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High T, High E2


How's it going guys, hope you could help me out a little.
Well, I'm 17, lifting for 2 years and counting. For a lot of time I felt as if gaining muscle is hard and I gain fat pretty easy. I did blood tests a while back and everything was fine.
After a while on a low carb diet I decided to take some hormone tests once again to see whats up because my libido is low, and I feel tired most of time.

So my Test Total is 979.8270 ng\dl (not a mistake...) and E2 is 181 pmol\l.
Rest of the hormones are fine.

I also found out that E2 is responsible for growth plate closure and I find it true because I'm short, my height is 5"4.

I want to mention something very important before you reply, I don't use anabolics nor any OTC hormones or anything and never used any. Seriously, if this was the case I would ask help according to what Iv'e done, but I didn't really do anything.

My endo isn't helping, nor any other endo Iv'e been to.
Please advice me what to do, thanks.


do you have your free test, SHBG, etc numbers as well?

i'm surprised they're not treating the high estrogen.... are you having gyno issues?

i think an AI (aromatase inhibitor) could manage this pretty easily, but if they're not gonna give you a script, then you could look into boron (10 mg/day), ZMA (3-4 caps/night) and I3C (200 mg/day or so)...


^btw, i've never heard of a low carb diet messing up test/estrogen levels.... maybe thyroid hormones, tho...


No free test because if the test total is not under the range than the lab won't do it.
SHBG my doctor wouldn't give me. Besides that I have 2 recent tests. The first one was done 2 weeks ago and there were a lot of exceptions, So I took the tests again a week after that.
Test 1# : http://imgur.com/Te1Esgk
Test 2# : http://imgur.com/2D8PxzC
*Note that the first test was taken a day after I worked out. The second test was taken after a rest day.

Currently no gyno, but I do have trouble losing fat in my abdominal area as well as the ass. Also I feel too emotional sometimes. Now what's really weird, is that I haven't grown in height since I'm like 13, And that's around the time where I lost my morning wood. People and doctors said that it's nothing but according to people testimonials who took a little AI got their morning wood back stronger then ever. so it all comes together now...

I'm going to try a new endo soon, hopfully she will prescribe me some AI.
I'm kinda afraid to use supplments for this specific problem because those supps affect a lot more than just one thing, so I might fix the E2 and mess up something else.

Now, I was thinking about a mild protocol for the E2: Arimidex 0.5mg once a week for a month, and then get tested. What do you think about it?

Also, some people who understand the subject (not doctors though) said that the Estradiol isn't a problem and what I'm experiencing is a result of high prolactin. So it's prolactin, E2, or both?




^how soon are you going to the new endo? if it's relatively soon, then it's prolly just best to wait for that...


I already saw her today. she said it's nothing and sent me away.
Not sure what to do from here..


odd. your estrogen is high as shit...

i get some Aromasin, and run that for a while and see how it goes...