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High T, High E, 1 Year TRT, On My Own In The Deep End

Height: 170cm
Weight: 76kg
Years on TRT: 1
Years training: 4
Current protocol: 2mL Nebido/ 5 weeks
Location: Ireland

I need help interpreting my latest results and advice moving forward since I’m on my endocrinologist doens’t know what she’s doing.

Suicidal depressive and low energy for all of my adult life, misdiagnosed hypothyroidism, given a myriad of SSRI’s, I took my path of trying to find whats wrong with me and found anendo who would give me TRT. It seems to be a taboo here.

My levels were low and I was hoping this would be a magic bullet to actually live a decent life.

Anyway, a year in not much has changed. Energy is slightly up, and I’m looking leaner from fasting a lot, but thats it. Still majorly depressive.

I’ve had to request and pay for my own specific blood tests to monitor my TRT since the labs and my doctor are content with only knowing and working off my total testosterone levels. So I’ve realised my doc doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

Latest results are attached. I’ve requested also reverse T3, bioavailable testosterone, DHT, just in case those are needed also.

Input on interpreting these would be appreciated.

So my T levels are over the max range, but so are my Estradiol levels. From my rudimentary knowledge of how this works, I’m not reaping any benefits of the TRT because its all bound. Is that correct?

Options for Nebido alternatives are limited here in Europe/Ireland, and its also difficult to find a doctor who will prescribe it since the system is backwards.

So what are my options? How do I treat the Estrogen levels so that the TRT actually works?

Was it a mistake getting on TRT? Would there be any benefit in stopping it with a post cycle therapy?

I believe my thyroid is probably at fault, but no doctor has probably diagnosed anything wrong with it so I won’t have much luck here. I’m moving to the UK next year, would I have better luck finding a doc who knows what they’re doing over there?

Your total and free testosterone is high, higher than any natural men and from what I see your thyroid values are fine. When you move to the UK you might consider a shorter ester ethanate or cypionate which you can get from the private clinics. The NHS can be a nightmare to deal with as far as treating low-T.

Depression can lead to a lack of physical and emotional energy.

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I’ll lower my frequency to 2ml/ 6 weeks. What are the benefits of shorter ester ethanate or cypionate?

I’m more worried about my eostrogen levels, from what I’ve read high E levels greatly increases many health risks, and of course nullifies the test. What can be done about that?

Nebido can work well for some but it’s quite common to hear men feel better on the shorter esters and even some feel better on Sustanon versus the shorter esters. I believe it has to do with the hormone profile of the esters more closely matching your natural hormone profile.

By hormone profile I mean the right amount of variation or fluctuation in hormone levels that more closely matches your natural state. There are no long term studies of men with high estrogen, there are studies showing slight HPTA suppression in men with estrogen higher than 40, but that’s a moot point because your HPTA is shut down while on TRT.

The question becomes what else is going on we don’t know about in regards to high estrogen. Maybe there is nothing to worry about, it’s a big question mark as far as I’m concerned. I know when my estrogen and testosterone are high my joints lock up and get really stiff and don’t want to move.

If my levels were very high and I had no symptoms, I don’t think I would do anything about it.

You’ve read wrong.

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Given your total testosterone level, your estradiol is low.