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High T, FSH, SHBG, Low E2 No Libido. My Lab Results (pellets)

This is great. There’s 1 way to take down a level 4 :wink::open_mouth::eggplant:

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I could “4” again in about 10 minutes. This higher testosterone is crazy.

I woke up with a level 4.5. Wife left so it was me and palmela. We just did it last night so she runs away in the morning …:joy:

Ha… 4.5 every morning dude. My wife is not a morning banger.

My wife is a teacher. Summer low stress for her we did it mornings and sometimes night. Maybe about 4 times a week some more. Now she is in school. Stress high. We do it weekend only. And 1/2 time she’s not into it but does it for me

Yeah my wife is always high stress and she doesn’t even work. Once during the week if I am lucky and maybe 1 or 2 times on the weekend. Used to only be once every 1-2 months so we are in a much better place. Last weekend managed twice in a row on Saturday night. She was NOT DTF for Sunday night LOL “Um I need a little break” She was sore.

I wish it were that easy for me.

@NH_Watts what do you mean higher testosterone? Are u blasting? Or just trt high and if blasting u taking ai?

Sorry man. :frowning:

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No blasting. I just mean being in an optimized T state rather than low (pre TRT). That being said I know that my current protocol (@62.5mg E3.5D) has my me slightly over “normal” so Im sure when I stagger doses (ala physiologik rec) and going 70/70/55/55 or 80/80/50/50 some of my highs are going to be higher. I actually feel better at higher doses so even went to 90/90 this week and will go 75/75 next week. Def something to this.

As for the AI, yes. I have been dosing anastrozole with my shots. This week with the 90mg test C I dosed .75mg of the AI. Im still trying to figure out how to get tamoxifen but before that was looking for physiologik to weigh in on whether or not there will be same the same benefits as the anastrozole. Getting my E2 down has me feeling great.

If ai working that’s great. Stick with it. maybe at some point you can lower it more and more.

I tried staggering the shots but when I up 2 injections I start getting pimples on chest. And other areas. If I do 1 it’s fine

When I initially went up I got a little bacne but its gone away. I have labs on Wed (out of my own pocket) to make sure things are in line. Its the Quest CP311550 Anti Aging/Male Dhea-S, Igf, Tsh,Cbc, Psa, Lipid, Cmp, Estradiol, Testosterone.

“trying to figure out how to get tamoxifen”

I’d be interested in your journey with this too, being in the same state.

I’m not sure that I have high E2 symptoms… I’ve had some not so good symptoms, like type 1 boner, swelling in my body and I cry easier, but they are infrequent. I’ve never had e2 tested, but thinking of asking my urologist at my appointment in October about tamoxifen.

I have had success with research chemicals so I know WHERE I’d like to acquire from. Unfortunately now they only take bitcoin or bank routing info and I don’t have checks. They used to take credit cards.

Mine went away to. But i think if I go back up on dose it will come back.

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@NH_Watts I will try again though. I think in like doing a 3rd smaller injection. What do you think will cause more of a jump since I am sensitive to big adjustments? Doing more on a regular injection or a 3rd smaller one.

Im not sure. You said that when you went to two shots a week you got zits. Did you drop your dose as well or just half it? Injecting more frequently will keep the T in the higher range for longer and out of the lower ranges.

No. I inject 2x a week. Am dialed in. I was just trying the stagerring dose thing.

I mean we are all diff and outside of basic physiology we can react differently to diff things. Give it a try for a bit. I mean if its just zits for a few weeks until your bod calms down the whats the big deal?

Are you saying like 50/10/50 in 7 days?

True. Yeah.