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High T, FSH, SHBG, Low E2 No Libido. My Lab Results (pellets)

Today I began a new journey. I know that the hard core guys on here won’t agree with my decision - but I ask you to respect the fact that we all do what we think is best for each of us.

Two doctors agreed that I needed TRT in high enough doses to counteract the high SHBG. One suggested I consider all methods of delivery while one believed that injection sub-q TWICE per week was the only way.

I know myself and my weaknesses – I don’t see myself continuing to give injections twice a week for the rest of my life. Whether it be lazy, stupid or any other adjective – I know I wouldn’t do it.

Since I travel a lot, I also realized that I didn’t want to travel to and from the 3 countries where I spend most of my time carrying syringes and vials of medicine … even with a valid prescription.

I decided to look at other methods of delivery. I read about creams/gels/topicals as well as the dangers of others coming into contact with it and decided that was a no go.

I looked into patches, but learned that the patch delivery was difficult to gauge because of absorption through the skin problems that vary from person to person. Other side effects also made me drop that idea.

That left me with pellet therapy – BioTE and TestoPel. I read about TestoPel but was not impressed with the reviews and experiences posted, as well as the side effects that many experienced.

I didn’t find any negative experience reports on BioTE. I liked what I read about the product; the method of delivery; and BioTE being a more natural product than TestoPel. I also liked the fact that more and more doctors were becoming certified to administer BioTE.

I chose a local doctor that was certified with BioTE. I had my consultation and dumped 9 years of blood results on him, giving him a 30 minute run-down on my situation before allowing him to talk. I’m exaggerating a bit, but I’m sure you get the point. I knew what I have and what I need to accomplish.

He admitted that I was the first to come to him with my unique circumstances – out of a few thousand insertions that he had performed. But he didn’t shy away from my concerns which impressed me. He told me that he wasn’t sure how well this was going to work but that he would call the president of BioTE and ask for suggestions on my situation.

A few days later, he followed up with the results of that conversation and a plan was developed. I was happy with the answers he provided and arranged for today’s appointment.

In less than 15 minutes, pellets were injected/inserted (whatever you call it) into the skin above my right butt cheek. There was no pain - although tomorrow might be different! For 3 days, NO lifting. And for 7 days, “take it easy” and stay off ladders, doing squats, etc.

In 30 days, I go back with new lab tests to see what is happening. It is possible that I will need additional pellets in 30 days if the numbers haven’t improved. Finding the amount that will be needed to overcome my very-hungry SHBG will be a trial-and-error situation.

I will also need to add a new supplement - DIM - to my daily intake. The DIM is supposed to help prevent too much T from being converted into Estrogen.

The goal is to get 6 months out of the pellets before getting a new batch inserted.

It has taken me a long time (more than 2 years) to get to this point. Today is DAY ONE of my (hopefully!) road to recovery.

You’ll eventually see the light, injections are the most effective treatment option, you want to continue suffering then go with pellet or patch option. You have no clue the kind of trouble these other options will bring.

You cannot optimise dosages on patches or pellets, you start high and long before pellet is gone your already suffering low T symptoms before your next implant. If you pellet isn’t high enough dose, you must wait several months before you can adjust dosage.

Wrong move buddy.

That didn’t take long! hahahahah. It is ok - thanks for the comment.

“I know that the hard core guys on here won’t agree with my decision - but I ask you to respect the fact that we all do what we think is best for each of us.”

Yes on rare occasion I’ve heard it can work for some, but your insane SHBG needs large injections to force it down, not steady dosage over the long haul.

Let us know how you’re doing down the road, it would be amazing if it did work and I’d eat my words.

I have now been on BioTE pellets for 30 days. I had a few days of headaches, and a week of total lethargy, but those issues have passed. At the doctor’s request, I added DIM to my supplement list as soon as the pellets were inserted. It is possible that the lethargy and fatique was due to the adjustment in Estrogen that was occurring.

By the way, the insertion process was easy. The most difficult part of it was keeping the waterproof bandage over the insertion point for one week. Other than that, it was relatively painless (except for mild soreness for a few days).

Outwardly, I don’t feel better – but I don’t feel worse. Morning erections are rock-hard but don’t last very long. I’m getting erections at times in the afternoon, but as in the mornings, they don’t have a long life.

Here are my labs at 30 days:

Albumin 4.9 g/dL 3.5 - 5.5
LH 0.1 Low mIU/mL 1.7 - 8.6 01
FSH 0.5 Low mIU/mL 1.5 - 12.4 01
Testosterone, Serum 1411 High ng/dL 264 - 916
Free Testosterone(Direct) 31.0 High pg/mL 7.2 - 24.0
Free Testosterone (Calculated) 1.13%
Estradiol, Sensitive 24.6 pg/mL 8.0 - 35.0
Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum 97.2 High nmol/L 19.3 - 76.4

Key Changes:
Testosterone increased from 778 to 1411 ng/dL
Free Testosterone percentage stayed the same at 1.1%.
LH/FSH decreased as the testicles shut down.
Estradiol Sensitive increased from 10.9 to 24.6 pg/mL
SHBG increased from 86 to 97.2 nmol/L

On the surface, the results appear successful. But the increased SHBG continues to bind the increased testosterone (now at 1411!) and leave only 1.1% for body … a number still considered to be in the “ED” range.

My doctor is making a few consults with other doctors in the field to share my data and discuss options and treatment. I’ll hear from him this week.

I have been reading about Proviron (not available in the USA, but is available at my home outside the USA) and Danazol. I have found medical studies of danazol reducing SHBG as an off-label use. However, I have not mentioned either drug to the doctor yet.

That is where I am after 30 days. I’ll update again when I know more and/or get more blood results. I am very interested to see the testosterone level at 60/90 days and beyond.

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It is now one week later than my last update. My doctor contacted head of BioTe (Dr Donovitz) for a consult. Today, I went in for a “booster” insertion of BioTE pellets in an effort to bring the Free-T (percent) higher.

I will also begin an experiment of Danazol and monitor how it affects both the Free-T percent and the SHBG level. I am also switching to the Indolplex DIM supplement based on the positive reviews I have read; and adding a probiotic which I have not had before.

Blood work will be repeated again in two weeks. I want to be certain that my Estradiol doesn’t increase dramatically.

On the “strange but true” side of things, my previous insertion of pellets appears by touch to have substantially dissolved - which is quite strange. It appears outwardly like my body is “eating the pellets”.

BRO, hey I don’t know I addressed this with you. But I always seek out high SHBG dudes and try and impart my knowledge.

“describe diet: I am on a reduced carb diet. Protein bar for breakfast; normal lunch including vegetables, beef, salmon, etc.; usually protein bar in mid afternoon when sleepiness hits; and a salad for night meal. I snack throughout the day on almonds & pecans. Coffee 1-2x per week, always decaf. Softdrinks regularly, diet only.”

Low carb diets increase SHBG. So do Almonds! (walnuts and pistachios too)

We need to address the High SHBG as much as possible. Hopefully you can bring it down a little more so you can get the benefits of the test!

Hi, thanks for commenting.

From Jan 22: “I added tongkat ali to the boron and stinging nettle and eliminated almonds. But it had no effect.” I am still not eating almonds. Miss 'em like crazy.

I’m on a REDUCED carb diet … not a low carb. And the data on carbs/diet vs SHBG show that the test subjects were in calorie deficit. I am not. PLUS … I have only been on the reduced carb diet for more than a year … the SHBG has been documented back 8 years in my blood but no one (me or doctors) paid attention.

I keep plugging along. I am the first insanely-high SHBG patient that bioTE has seen … or so I’m told. Regardless of the outcome, I will keep documenting.

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On Sunday 4/15/18, I began taking Danazol. I mistakenly thought that it came in a pill form and I could split it – allowing me to start with 25mg per dose. However, it is supplied in a 50mg capsule, which can’t be split. So I am now taking 50mg per day.

By the way, Danazol cost $146 for 90 capsules, using a discount code at Walgreens. Walmart had it listed at $195.

Although it has only been three days since the boost, I have been feeling better, with more energy. I hope it is not a figment of my imagination.

I have blood work scheduled for Monday 4/23.

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By the way … I continue to experiment with almost ANYTHING if there is a chance to understand and reduce my SHBG.

I had my office tested for MOLD, after reading that exposure to mold can also boost SHBG. That test was negative.

Keep us updated if you find anything that works great for you.

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By the way, I wanted to clarify this statement. The pellets begin dissolving within 24 hours of insertion. Your T-levels will peak at that point.

Booster insertions can occur at any point in the treatment. After running blood tests, additional pellets can be inserted to bring the T levels to a better level if necessary.

I am told that after a year of monitoring how the body absorbs the pellets, a better schedule of pellet numbers and frequency can be determined. For example, based on what I have seen so far, I may need double the number of pellets inserted every 3 months instead of every 6 months.

My first pellet insertion brought me to 1411 (ng/dL 264 - 916). I am interested to see what has happened after the booster. Of course, this didn’t affect my free T percentage – which is a much more important number.

I am hoping the Danazol combined with the boosted T will provide some reduction of SHBG (OR will bind to the SHBG allowing more T to be available). There are different schools of thought on whether danazol truly lowers SHBG or whether it steps in and becomes a substitute for the bound Testosterone.

Next monday, 4/23 I return to the blood lab.

As to my status, I feel good. I feel sharp, mentally alert, and full of energy. I have not noticed that my penis is as excited about this as I am … morning erections are rock hard and spontaneous afternoon erections are occurring more often; but both seem to have a short life.

Didn’t know about the booster shots.

That short life you speak of is low free T and possibly low E2, remember even if E2 is in ranges, high SHBG means less of it is free. High SHBG men can tolerate higher E2 levels because free E2 is lower.

I hyper metabolize most of my free T fast so injecting every 3.5 days isn’t enough, I can feel it slipping away during the third day. Erections are similar to yours, can’t maintain them for long, easier to get erection in early morning, but as the day goes on…

Interesting read. Please continue to update. I also have high SHBG, although not as high as yours, and starting injections next week.

Since the “booster” insertion of pellets, I have been feeling better, as I wrote previously. However, this past Saturday and Sunday, I was back to the “fog” that I experienced before the pellet insertion. Today, however, I am back to feeling clear and energetic.

I feel “bloated” and have added a few pounds since the first pellet insertion. I do not know if it is related or not. I am concerned about my Estradiol levels and look forward to seeing them to rule out any problems.

Penile sensitivity, quantity and duration of erections has not improved.

I had blood taken today and will post the results when they are received later this week. Someday I’ll write about my experiences with the various online labs.

Time for an update! Pay attention, sports fans!

Since the booster insertion, other than two “off days”, I have felt great. Full of energy, no brain fog, active, wanting to get things done. It has been an amazing feeling.

On 4/23, I ordered blood work from (DiscountedLabs – more on lab experiences later). They state on their website that “Sensitive Estradiol” tests might take 14 days to get results! I have NEVER had to wait so long for such tests until this company.

Anyway, my results are interesting.
CBC and CMP were fine except …
Sodium 145 HIGH nmol/L (ref 134-144)
LDL Cholesterol Calc 131 HIGH mg/dL (ref 0-99)
—> I think my Sodium is high because of the sodium in my protein bars; and I’ve been eating Blackened Salmon like a madman. I’ll be away from it for 3 months, so I’ll see if that was the culprit or not. This is the second test in a row with high sodium. Of course, I have sodium in my supplements as well. Yet I have not touched a salt shaker in more than 20 years.

—> I have NO idea why my LDL Cholesterol Calc is high. I can’t add or take away anything that I can tell to modify this … except increase my exercise.

Albumin 4.7 g/dL (3.5 - 5.5)

Here is where it gets interesting!
Testosterone, Total: 1441.2 HIGH ng/dL (Ref 265-916)
Testosterone, Free: >50 HIGH pg/mL (Ref 7.2-24)

Sex Horm Binding Glob (SHBG) 60.4 nmol/L (Ref 19.3 - 76.4)
—> My SHBG has dropped from 97.2 to 60.4!

Other results:
Free T3: 3.3 pg/mL (Ref 2.0-4.4)
TSH: 2.230 uIU/mL (Ref .45-4.5)
DHEA-S: 108.4 ug/dL (48.9-344.2)
PSA: .9 ng/mL (Ref .0-4.0)

Estradiol Sensitive: STILL WAITING …

Calculated Free T: 1.74%
—> Although I’m excited that the free T has increased (substantially), it is still considered “ED” by most TRT specialists. And I still do not feel that my penis has decided to accept the new protocol as much as I have.

Unfortunately, three things were changed since the last blood test which makes true tracking difficult. I don’t know which – or all together – created the changes.

  1. Doubled the number of pellets in my butt with a booster insertion
  2. Added a probiotic to my supplements
  3. Added 50mg of Danazol each day

Another interesting point is that my Testosterone increased only a tiny amount after the booster. If I didn’t know better, I would think my body hit a “saturation point” of supplemental testosterone … although I didn’t know such a thing existed.

I will update this thread with the Estradiol results when I receive them. This is the number I am worried about right now.

My future plans … I intend to increase my probiotic from the 1 pill a day that I have been taking to 2 pills. Actual bottle instructions were 2 pills twice a day. I’ll run SHBG tests again in 30 days. After that, I would like to stop taking Danazol for 30 days; and then test again. I would like to know if the probiotic is affecting the SHBG (because I suffer from IBS), or whether the Danazol is the one responsible.

I will also be monitoring my Testosterone level in order to build a chart showing how my levels change over time while on pellet supplementation. That will help me and the doctor determine how many months I can go without new pellets being inserted.

Science Notes - Completely OPPOSITE RESULTS! Reminds me of my attorney … “it depends”.
“Probiotic consumption … although there were trends towards decreased concentrations [of] … SHBG (P=0.10) in the probiotic group.”
Study of women: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15213709

“Results: After the 12-week intervention, compared with placebo, probiotic supplementation significantly increased serum sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG)”

It takes a long time for Discountedlabs to send results.

FINALLY received my final results after multiple emails.

Estradiol Sensitive: 27.0 pg/mL 8.0 - 35.0, which is a slight increase from the first pellet insertion.

Watched a bunch of YouTube videos today and they were saying that injecting everyday more closely mimicked the hormone landscape of a young man, that twice weely closely matched that of a man in his 40’s and pellets more closely match the hormones landscape of an old man since the levels were so flat and stable.

As we get older our levels fluctuate less and flatten out as we age, something to consider.

Agree … first - this is an injectables focused board. Second - pellets do cater to older men because of the costs involved, according to what I have read on demographics of use.

My guess is older pellet users are going to doctors, getting blood work, and have no use in forums (most of which are injectable-based) either asking for help or sharing their successes or failures.

And third, I will GLADLY take the hormone landscape of an old man if I feel great; have plenty of energy; eliminated the brain fog; and increased my Free T% so that my dick is starting to bounce more often.

I hope this continues to work FOR ME. I like the pellet supplementation system.

Since you mentioned it … https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1111/jsm.12369

Injectable TRT was favored because of lower cost (…). Pellets were favored for ease of use (…) and convenience (…). Pellets had increased rates of satisfaction within the first 12 months. Improvements in concentration and mood occurred at higher percentages in satisfied patients.

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I too have very high SHBG - 83 at last bloods - and have done some reading around on
the subject.

I found an interesting study that controlled SHBG very well. I’m not advocating either way
that anyone should follow/do what the study found. I thought it would make for some
interesting reading.