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High T, FSH, SHBG, Low E2 No Libido. My Lab Results (pellets)


Maybe this guy will have an idea :wink:

You sure have a LOT going on.

Thanks … I’ll pass.

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Any chance you believe these could be related? Have you gotten back on Armour to see if your libido comes back?

I was wondering the same…

It was a consideration - but I discounted it because …

  1. I had libido prior to taking (armour) thyroid meds
  2. Was on thyroid meds for 60 days only as a test requested by my doctor.

I have not returned to armour because I began supplementing with Iodine as my iodine was low (39 on a 52-109 scale) and wanted to see if I felt any different.

I noticed NOTHING while taking armour.

I was just reading your history… Then noticed you’d pass. I’m sincerely thanking you for that as it was most likely going to be a fairly lengthy reply. You saved me some time here so I appreciate the honest reply.


Today’s news …
At least that question has been answered.

sleep apnea results


Yeah…that will fuck you up. I wonder if that was your problem from the start. Honestly I think everyone should have a sleep study done before they get on TRT.

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A hundred years ago, I was measuring excess Nitric Oxide and it showed depleted (no excess indicating low nitric oxide).

Months later, after all the supplements including Nitric Oxide boosters, I tested “about normal” but wasn’t feeling any better.

Today, over a year later, I used another test strip and I am so depleted that I don’t register on the strip.

I continue to read that there is a well known connection between sleep apnea and decreased nitric oxide levels.

One of the doctors on here (Ruterbusch) told patients to drastically increase l-arginine to boost NO.

This is coming full circle for me.

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I took it for a while but really just needed to quit booze to eradicate erection issues.

It has been 4 weeks since I made an adjustment to supplements and I needed to run Estradiol tests; so I threw in a few other tests that I was curious about. Iodine was one.

In September, I had low iodine (39). I experimented for two months with armour thyroid medication and felt no different. When that was finished, I began Iodine supplements – 225mcg per day (in additional to the 150mcg in my daily vitamin).

The test this week indicates that I am back in the “normal” range, but it is interesting to me that it is a very low normal.

I have no low iodine symptoms that I am aware of other than “feeling cold” all the time; but that is not something new.

I wonder if 4-6 weeks is long enough supplementing with iodine in order to fully replenish. Unfortunately most of the iodine sites are kind of quacky.

On iodine supplementation from mid November until this test in Mid February … 3 months (12 weeks).

The point of my recent blood work was to see what Ultra sensitive Estradiol was doing.

I had stopped taking DIM for months.
My September 2019 and early Jan 2020 were at 38.
I started back on DIM and Feb was 35 – i expected it to go lower.

I have never been as concerned with Estradiol because when I started this journey, I had almost undetectable levels; so I didn’t mind experimenting with some free flow.

I meet with the doctor soon and will see what he thinks. If I was a betting man, I would have bet that the Indolplex DIM would have had a greater effect than a 3 point reduction.

Last night marks the second night I have used a CPAP machine. The first night, I took a sleeping pill to make sure I would sleep with the octopus on my face. Last night, I was able to sleep without any assistance.

It is a weird feeling for those who have never tried it. Imagine lying in bed and your partner is blowing into your nose all night.

But in all honesty, it IS NOT as bad as I imagined.

I am still waking up throughout the night, but the intensity has changed as I don’t wake up choking or needing water. Two nights is too early to see any changes though. The app that is connected to my CPAP displays how many times I stopped breathing, as well as how many times I was breathing shallow and the machine pushed air at volume.

I already knew that when I lie down, I get slightly stopped up in the nose. This is still happening, but the machine pushes air through and I can still breathe but the stopped up nose is “uncomfortable”. Next week, I will receive a chin strap to stop my mouth from opening – just what I need: more things on my face at night.

Most people say that it will take 2-4 weeks to get used to the device and notice changes in sleeping.

On another note – I posted good things about Isleephst where I originally had my sleep test. I withdraw everything good I said about them and the way they do business.

This was from March 2018 – two years ago last month and the reason I have no respect for Systemlord’s suggestions.

PELLET TREATMENT WORKS for me. It has been excellent. Contrary to the above advice, I have had NO trouble.

If the original insertion wasn’t enough, Doctors will give a booster to determine where the level needs to be. You CAN optimize dose on pellets.

It was the BEST move I could take. I would NEVER tell someone that injections or gels were the “wrong move” because every person and situation is different.

Take what you read on these forums (from ME and from everyone else) with a grain of salt and determine what is best for you.

Ha. I use and eye mask and a dental snoring device and on some nights even ear plugs.

Glad you are seeing promising initial results dude.

I’m so glad pellets work for you, really I’m glad you found something that works, but you seem hell bent on dredging up an old argument even after I stated pellets have their places and works great for some people, yet hear you are still ranting in caps and bold letters which seems over the top for even you.

I mean you come across as if in a constant agitated state, give it a rest, it’s post after post after post and is not normal. You don’t respect my opinions and suggestions, I’ll get over it.

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For me, I also have retainers. The most uncomfortable thing I have found is ear plugs. I’ll wear them on the plane, but under normal circumstance I can’t wear them. As strange as this sounds, I feel that the ear plugs amplify the noises in my head. Oh, that is not a joke - I’m not hearing things in my head! hahahah

I do hope this works also – for me to actually have an entire night of uninterrupted sleep is something I can’t imagine.

Yeah I get this. Its ALL amplified. Breathing, mouth noises, etc.