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High T, FSH, SHBG, Low E2 No Libido. My Lab Results (pellets)


I was like “jesus everyone is talking about Boron today!”

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Just discovered and read through this thread. Wow! Great stuff. Thanks for taking such detailed notes. Hope you don’t mind if I ask a few questions.

I am a fellow astronomical SHBG guy. Five weeks into TRT, my SHBG is 114 (has not decreased). My TT and FT are quite high, but your FT% is nearly twice mine. Do you think I should try out Danazol? Seems you have settled on it as the best source for reducing SHBG. I have also read a bunch about Anavar, which seems equally promising. And do you think reducing SHBG is definitely beneficial?

ABSOLUTELY 100%. In my case, it was more important than TRT.

If you read my story, you will already know that TRT alone does not bring down SHBG in every case. It does in many, but not all. And you don’t know until your experiment and run labs.

I try to refrain from “suggesting” treatments because I am not an expert and only familiar with MY case … but I will suggest that you discuss Danazol with your doctor. There are a few labs he will want to review before he will consider it (especially liver tests) and he will likely require labs after 30 days for an extended prescription.

I saw one of your threads, and there are people responding that have lots more experience and information when it comes to all the other things you are taking (AI, hcg). I have zero experience there.

Yes, I have settled on Danazol as the best source for reducing SHBG. It has worked FOR ME and my labs prove it. I began at 50mg per day, and increased to 50mg TWICE per day and that was my sweet spot. I take no other “medicine” except BioTe testosterone pellets.

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Hey @traveling-man I always follow your threads but I must have missed your posts about boron!

I have “higher” shbg and had tried it all in the past. Boron did work, but I remember the feeling fell off after a while. What were your results? Dose? I am super interested. Especially after hearing that maybe I should incorporate it back into my supplements (carefully of course).

Hi @anon10035199

I maintain 3mg per day of Boron (Calcium Fructoborate formula). I experimented with 6mg per day but didn’t notice anything different in labs. As soon as my current boron supply is depleted, I am switching to a different product that has 6mg boron in 1 capsule rather than the 3mg in two. I want the extra boron regardless of whether it affected my labs, but I don’t want more capsules.

Theoretical “safe” upper limits have been listed as 10-12mg per day. In my non medical opinion, I think Boron can only do so much, and additional dosing is lost. But that is not a statement I can prove. SHBG fluctuates – even for me with Danazol to control it.

I can’t tell you whether the impact of the boron “fell off after a while” because I no longer can test boron alone against SHBG. But if you read the studies, including the one that @physioLojik posted recently, boron is a good supplement, regardless of whether you think it is “effective” for what you originally began taking it for.

Yes, when I took it in the past, I was using higher doses, 12 mg, or so a day. If I incorporated it back it would probably just be at 3mg.

Slightly worried about its effect on e2 though.

Just a heads up, I talked to my doctor and was prescribed Danazol, 25 mg EOD. My doc was cautious with this approach due to my other medications (specifically HCG) and fertility concerns (I want kids in the next couple years).

FWIW, I was riding high for the first 4 weeks on T cream applied trans-scrotally. Sex drive had finally arrived. Then poof! It disappeared. It hasn’t come back in the last 2.5 weeks. We even increased my dosage of the cream (from 2 clicks daily to 4 clicks daily), and that hasn’t worked. I’m hoping Danazol is the solution I need. So excited for this stuff to arrive after reading your account!

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Yesterday was the first day of my SIXTH (6th!) month since my last pellet insertion. Although that may not sound exciting, it is a substantial milestone. It is also the one year mark that I have been on TRT (pellets).

In the past cycles, by the first week of the fourth month, I wanted to die. Even though my T levels had not sagged terribly low, my body wanted more T to feel good. So I was getting pellet insertions every three months.

I was also still experimenting with what I would do to get the SHBG down. I started, stopped and tested SHBG twice to see if I could duplicate the reduction I was seeing.

Since then however, I have been on Danazol consistently for about 7 months.

I tested in Dec, and January and everything was at the correct levels. I stopped testing because I was afraid to let the numbers “poison” how good I felt. In other words, I was afraid that seeing the numbers (that might be low), subconsciously affect how I felt.

I am scheduled for a full panel in three weeks, to coincide with the end of my six month and to provide the end of cycle numbers my doctor requires.

I feel good; energetic; alert; happy; life is in color. Sexual arousal is good (it could ALWAYS be better, but I’m not greedy). One slightly new symptom is constant sleepiness and yawning, regardless of how many hours of sleep I get. This is different from being tired; I just yawn often and get sleepy. I wake often at night, but I am able to sleep, which is another positive change in my life.

In January, I stopped supplementing with DHEA, and my excessive hunger stopped. I also reduced my Vitamin D intake and my CBC numbers returned to normal. I have added a low dose iron supplement because of my last iron/ferritin check.

I also tested my Erythpoeitin levels to rule out Polycythemia Vera (usually indicated by high hematrocrit plus other symptoms). I was low-normal in that test which indicates it is something I will need to test every few years. I also tested my hematocrit in the morning, and at night to rule out dehydration.

I am actually EXCITED to see the next round of lab results!

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Hey man! I’m 3 weeks in on the Danazol and haven’t felt any different. How long did it take for you to notice a difference once you started it? I am only taking 25 mg EOD, but I would like to take more. My doctor seemed concerned that Danazol could harm fertility, though – is that a concern for you?

First, when I began Danazol - I ran FOUR weeks on; then blood labs with four weeks off. Then FOUR weeks on again with new labs. During that time I felt NOTHING, yet my SHBG dropped by 2/3.

I wasn’t really noticing a difference until I had been on it continuously for a while … but I don’t remember how long that actually was.

You need labs to see if Danazol at 25 is doing anything or not. Ulta has a $79 test for free and total t and shbg.

Fertility is not a concern for me.

Today finally arrived. I planned to get my blood drawn on Good Friday, only to have my local collection point closed. That pushed me until today.

They took six (6) vials of blood. Here are the tests that are being performed:

314 - Catecholamines, Fractionated, Plasma
6399 - CBC (includes Differential and Platelets)
10231 - Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
4021 - Estradiol
30289 - Estradiol, Ultrasensitive LC/MS/MS
457 - Ferritin
7573 - Iron and Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC)
19543 - Lipid Panel with Ratios
5363 - PSA Total
29851 - Serotonin, Serum
37073 - Testosterone, Total And Free And Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
17306 - Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy, Total, Immunoassay

I have wanted to test Estrogen using both methods at the same time but never remembered. This time, I made sure to request both tests (regular and sensitive).

I am also looking forward to my Catecholamines and Serotonin results. These are two other tests I have wanted to do for some time but had not done it. Part of the reason was that none of my regular blood labs had these tests at good prices. Only a lab that I didn’t use had them listed (at a higher price). I asked UltaWellness to add the test and they did – allowing me to get stuck only once and pay less.

I will call tomorrow and make a doctor’s appointment for next week, to make sure that I have all the results in.

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I will begin posting some of the results as they arrive. CBC results were the first. This is from blood test on 4-22-19


My Hematocrit decreased to below 50 for the first time since August 2018. Although I do not know why, this is a good sign, as it has been higher than I like.

Glucose was a surprise, as I have never had a high reading. My past six tests have returned 84, 88, 92, 92, 88, and 99 so the results have been all over the place.

Another shock was my Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) going out of range again.

Here is the background. I was taking an ultra high dose of Vit D. Items on my CBC/CMP were out of balance. My Asian doctor begged me to stop taking the Vit D, as my test indicated that I was close to the toxic level.

It also made sense because when in Asia, I am outdoors and in the sun all the time, which is different than here in the USA.

When I returned to the USA, I was getting Vit D from my multi and a 2000 supplement.


This tests confirms to me that I need to stop taking Vit D except what I am getting in the multi. My Vit D is higher than I had hoped, and my ALP is low again.

At 55? 60 is the upper range of optimal so I think you are good.

My Asian doctor wanted me back above 30 - but closer to 30 … She is not happy with 50 and above, and I was hoping that with my reduced intake, I would have met that goal.

I am also not sure how that “optimal” affects me …

Ask them to email you the results before you meet doc. You don’t have to wait and they usually get them in days time. Sensitive takes about 4 days. If it’s lab Corp they release labs as they finish. The docs office had a portal or is emailed the results.

Hi, I am not sure what you are referring to. I do my own labs and always get the results directly. I am posting results as they come in as some tests are faster than others. This testing group is from Ulta again, which I am starting to really like (which is a Quest service).

So … I don’t really know what your reply was toward?

OH, I see now. You replied to this statement

“I will call tomorrow and make a doctor’s appointment for next week, to make sure that I have all the results in.”

What I meant was – I will make sure that I have received all my results directly before I make a doctor’s appointment. Sorry that was not clear

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I thought your doc took the labs.

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Iron was at 160 when I tested it last.

So my decreased ferritin and ok iron range indicated that I was low, so I began a low dose iron supplement.

From the 4/22/19 results, it appears like both iron and ferritin are now in better balance.