High T and Baldness

Testosterone replacement therapy is awesome but you’ll lose your hair, right? Well, it’s not that simple. Here are the facts.

Does High T Lead to Balding?

It’s long been thought by the general public that men with male pattern baldness have higher levels of testosterone than their well-coiffed counterparts. They don’t. In fact, they have the same amount of testosterone as men with full heads of hair.

Baldness is genetically determined. Now it is true that some testosterone in the body is converted to a chemical DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, and that chemical can bind to follicles and weaken them, eventually causing the hairs to fall out.

However, that’s only in men genetically pre-disposed to baldness. But even with men who are so predisposed, most of that seems to stabilize in their 30’s, so it’s highly doubtful that testosterone will make things any worse.

Besides, the baldness drug Propecia specifically reduces the formation of DHT, so those who are overly concerned about TRT and hair loss can use it to ameliorate their fears (and presumably, their feared hair loss).